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predefinito Glossario file e cartelle

Ho trovato questo elenco che credo possa essere utile.

Chiedo al mod di valutare se tenerlo o aggiungerlo a qualche discussione che reputa adatta.

Folder explanations
Here are some folder explanations, so you can delete some with more confidence. Its from but remains totally relevant for any Garmin user.
Please take the time to read through it all - theres a lot here! Remember to backup all of your folder structure including hidden files BEFORE messing about!

Diag folder - used by Garmin, it stores debug infos

ExtData folder - ExtData folder – stores 006-D0952-01.bin, 006-D0952-02.bin, 006-D0952-03.bin, 006-D0952-04.bin, 006-D0952-05.bin, 006-D0952-06.bin, 006-D0952-07.bin, 006-D0952-08.bin files which contains special font for not alphabet languages likes Herbew, Thai, Arabic.

ExtData folder – also stores for some device with MTK chipset files ARC.BIN, BEE.BIN, 006-D1221-00.bin. 006-D1221-00.bin – GPS Chipset Type M HotFix Data software which updates by webupdater and ARC.BIN & BEE.BIN are files what stores current info for GPS software metioned above. See also post n.19 –Thanks AlexWhiter

GPX folder - stores your trip log.

Current.gpx = file created each time you connect your Nuvi to USB. Stores all current loaded routes and waypoints in the Nuvi.

Temp.gpx = stores all routes and waypoints :created for connecton from Mapsource to Nuvi
You can open the GPX files within this folder with Mapsource ( see post n 5 for more infos)

BTM folder - stores infos about your phonebook and a .wav file your unit run when a call is coming in your phone.

EULA folder - stores infos about licences (traffic,Navteq,nuRoute)

Help folder - stores help files in different languages.

Keyboards folder - contains Keyboard languages files ( .kbd files).

Reports folder - contains the mileage.csv , a file that will give you a summary of all of your trips, cost, etc. as part of the ecoRoute feature: it contains the following fields, Date (MM-DD-YYYY),Start Time,Origin Longitude,Origin Latitude,Destination Longitude,Destination Latitude,Origin,Destination,Distance (km), Time (min), Fuel Economy (l/100km), Fuel Cost (EUR), Carbon Footprint (kg).

Scores.bin is related to Overall : a combination of the speed acceleration and braking score and to Speed : gain points for driving at your vehicle's optimal speed for conserving fuel.

RoadSideAssist folder - stores infos about RoadSideAssist services (AA) and images for 'Where Am I' function.

JCV folder - stores Junction View files on models which support such a feature.

ASR folder - "SRX+ASR"/Voice recognition files (Automatic Speech Recognition).

G2S folder - G2S&.db :NüRoute technology&trafficTrends.

SID folder - Files are stored in 34xx and newer .System/ SID and are traffic trends ,instaSearch , instaAdresses and POIs and FastRouting related.

JPEG folder - stores Nuvi's default pictures and splash screens. You can add more jpg files into this folder.

POI folder - stores custom POI and travel guide files.Preloaded Cyclops.gpi = trial version of Garmin's speedcams subscription. All these files have .GPI extensions. It is ok to delete these
files if you are sure you don't want them.

RemoteSW folder - Files stored in RemoteSW folder are the microcodes for appropriate chipset installed in your nuvi. Firmware upgrade checks at start if the version is to flash < version on disk – then upgrade it. It is an upgradeable code. (GCD, BIN & SUM) The first.GCD is the original firmware. The other file is the new firmware that the unit has installed- It contains also Touch Panel Software(006B121100.GCD: This file is for Touch Panel Software in 37xx series). Firmware for GTM receiver is in RemoteSW too. Nuvi creates an info entry about it in file GarminGarminDevice.xml.

Scrn folder - stores your screen capture images. The files are in bitmap (BMP) format and could be opened with Windows Paint application. Filenames: 2343.bpm (example. The numbering seems to be random)

Text folder - stores default and custom messages and keyboard layouts. These are text files with .GTT extensions: additional language versions text files. You can edit them with a text editor.If American English is selected, no other translation file is necessary since this language is embedded in the unit firmware.

Dashboards folder -stores new DASHBOARDS designs introduced in 34xx models.

Vehicle folder - stores Garmin vehicle icons. Files are with .SRF extension. You can add and delete these files.You can download them at
userdata - technical archive, dont delete.

Voice folder - stores Garmin voice guidance files. Files are with .VPM extension. You can delete unused voice files, but do it with care.
Filenames like:Afrikaans_.vmp are normal voices that do not speak streetnames
Filenames like:Nederlands_Claire.vmp are TTS (text-to-speach) voices that do speak streetnames

Birdseye folder - stores Garmin maps made by using BirdsEye Satellite Imagery in .jnx format.

Themes folder - stores .kmtf extension files. They are just text files, so you can create your own:you could change the color of lakes, parks, shopping centers and other polygon areas.

SQLite folder - It stores .db files : Traffic trends, ecoRoute,myTrends and some user's strings. To read these files you can use a SQLite client .

SQL folder - it contains SQL/DB-file "Trail Database" for outdoor devices activities.
It displays special routes or information depending on the activity chosen by the user, differentiating between pedestrian activity cycling activity, hiking etc : Active Routing feature in new Garmin Topo maps PRO.

Logs folder - stores files concerning track logging feature.

Demo folder - can store demo.gir file .It contains some images for the demo sequence.

GPS folder - stores ARC.BIN , BEE.BIN etc files used by webupdater.It contains also rxn folder.Inside eph,poly and seed folders, probably Ephemeris prediction related.

Custom maps folder - stores custom maps made eg. with Google Earth in .kmz format.

Custom Symbols folder - stores waypoints symbols you can create and add in your outdoor gps.

Profiles folder - stores profiles and profiles settings in outdoor gps. You can choose different ones.
among automotive ,classic, marine etc each one with different settings: selected maps to be shown in choosen profile etc.

Filters folder - Geocache data.

Audible folder -audio books.

MP3 folder- Mp3 audio files.

Video folder- Video files:3xxx&2xxx series supported video formats are:
.avi, .mp4 (H.264 video codec only!), AAC audio codec (48000 Hz, 16 bit), resolution up to 720*480.
.asf (WMV1, WMV2, WMV3 video codec), MSAudio1, MSAudio2, MSAudio3 audio codec (48000 Hz, 16 bit), resolution up to 720*480.
.wmv (WMV video codec), wma audio codec, resolution up to 720*480

fs_image.ver -Technical file.

GarminDevice.xml - stores information about your Nuvi to facilitate transfer of data to/from your unit. It is recreated each time the device starts. The firmware never reads from it but only writes to it.

Trips- This is for trip planner files.You can back up this folder. (All files in this folder will be deleted when you do an hard reset.)

FCD- FCD (Floating Car Data), constantly evaluates information about the traffic situation and sends a control center, data are automatically analyzed and sent to TMC-compatible devices.

gmapbmap.img - Garmin base map (worldwide map) cannot deselect it.

gmapbmap.sum -check-sum file, mapupdate related, can be deleted.

gmapoem.img -Additional map for specific branded units such as Honda and BMW,it doesn't show up in the map inventory, cannot deselect it.

gmapprom.img - Garmin detailed map (preloaded). Back up this file before deleting or overwriting it.

gmapprom1.img -Another Garmin pre-programmed (preloaded) map. Back up this file before deleting or overwriting it.

gmapprom.sum -check-sum file, mapupdate related, can be deleted.

gmapsupp.img - This is the common file name for Garmin supplementary maps.

*.unl - Unlock code files for Garmin maps.

gmaptz.img - Garmin time zone map.Contains Timezones of different cities/countries for selecting the right timezone by the device based on the location.

gmaptz.sum -check-sum file, mapupdate related, can be deleted.

gmapdem.img - Garmin DEM (digital elevation model) It displays contours on compatible devices.

gmap3d.img - Garmin 3D buildings map.

gmap3d1.img - 2nd Garmin 3D buildings map.

GUPDATE.GCD - Used for Garmin firmware update.

GtmData.xml -It stores infos about Traffic receiver: ID and last connection date.

Locales.xml - It stores default language, currency sign, time zone, etc settings for different countries.

*.Gma -Garmin new protection digital certificate. Only the legitimate buyer of a Garmin map product license will receive the GMA file connected to his/her GPS unit. That's implemented
for maps with mapid >= 2200.

Garmintriangletm.ico - it's the icon will appear on myComputer when you'll attach your outdoor gps.

Nuvi_drive.ico - it's the icon will appear on myComputer when you'll attach your Nuvi USB.

Startup.txt - Edit this file to display a message while your unit is powering on.

*.sum - files left by updater: can be deleted.

TrafficProvider.xml - It stores infos about your traffic providers subscriptions (Nuvi 1xxx and 37xx series etc.)

sw.unl - unlock code file for phones Garmin MobileXT application


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