1984 European Parliament election in Sardinia, Electorate (eligible voters) and voter turnout. Built in 1972, it was still state-of-the-art in 1984 and needed minor improvements only. Deutschland (EC Straubing) 1. England U-21s won the competition for the second time running.. This election marked the final inversion of the trend of the entire republican history of Italy: for the first time, the distance between the Christian Democrats and the Communists grew significantly instead of decreasing. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Shipping and handling. März 12. The match went to a penalty shoot-out, and Spain converted all five of their penalties to win 5–4 and reach the final for the first time since 1964. They were the first without the traditionally second most important political force in Italian politics, the Italian Communist Party (PCI), which had been disbanded in 1991. Lombardy elected its seventh delegation to the Italian Senate on June 20, 1976. Europas Fußball-Website - uefa.com - ist die offizielle Website der UEFA (Europäische Fußball-Union), dem Dachverband des Fußballs in Europa. PSIUP gained c. 4.5% at the Chamber. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Shipping cost cannot be calculated. select language. Meciuri Prima manșă. S-a jucat între FC Porto și AFC Ajax, Porto câștigând Supercupa cu scorul general de 2–1. The French bid was unanimously selected by the UEFA Executive Committee at a meeting on 10 December 1981.[2]. The Italian regional elections of 1985 were held on 12 and 13 May. Host France, for instance, played in Paris, Nantes, and Saint-Étienne. It was held at St. Jakob Stadium in Basel, Switzerland.. Juventus won the match 2–1 due to goals by Beniamino Vignola and Zbigniew Boniek. Die Europawahl im Juni 1984 war die zweite Europawahl in der Geschichte der Europäischen Gemeinschaft und fand vom 14. bis 17. It was the seventh European Football Championship, a competition held every four years and endorsed by UEFA. Supercupa Europei din 1986 s-a disputat între Steaua București și Dinamo Kiev, Steaua a câștigat cu scorul de 1–0, golul victoriei fiind înscris de Hagi. Drei weitere deutsche Abgeordnete wurden aus West-Berlin entsandt. Lastly, two all-new stadia were built to host group matches (and subsequently provided worthy home grounds for the traditionally strong local club teams): Stade de la Beaujoire in Nantes (53,000) was built on an entirely new site while Stade de la Meinau in Strasbourg was rebuilt from the ground up on the site of the old stadium into a modern 40,000-seat arena. I Sindacati europei fra il 1983 e il 1984 (Studi e ricerche) (Italian Edition) on Amazon.com. În 1981, Grecia devine cel de-al 10-lea membru al UE, fiind urmată, cinci ani mai târziu, de Spania şi Portugalia. In subsequent championships, the organisers reverted to conventional schedules in which teams played in one or two cities only. The seven teams that acquired the most points to win their respective group qualified for the main tournament, joining the host nation France. After trying out several formats, UEFA finally developed for the 1984 tournament the format that would serve for all subsequent eight-team European Championships. Fraktion Vorsitzender BE DE DK FR GR IE IT LU NL UK Sitze % Sozialistische Fraktion (Sozialdemokraten) Rudi Arndt (SPD) 7: 33: … France had won their first major championship in world football. Platini then scored hat-tricks against both Belgium and Yugoslavia as the French recorded maximum points in Group 1. However, in opposition, this result reinforced the moderate government ruling the country: the Socialist Party of Prime Minister Bettino Craxi had maintained its vote, and its major ally, the defeated Christian Democracy, did not want to take any chances of a political crisis that could lead to dangerous general election. Der Giro Ciclistico d’Italia (ursprünglich: Giro d’Italia Dilettanti, zeitweise auch Girobio – Giro d’Italia Dilettanti, Girobio – Giro d’Italia Dilettanti under 27), inoffiziell auch Baby Giro genannt, ist ein italienisches Straßenradrennen, eine verkürzte Version für Nachwuchsfahrer der dreiwöchigen Rundfahrt Giro d’Italia. A remarkable novelty was the rise of the new Green Lists, while a new party obtained its first two parliamentary seats: the Northern League. Raccolta multimediale. General elections were held in Italy on 19 May 1968 to select the Fifth Republican Parliament. Detalii 1985-01-16. 1984 European Parliament election in Italy Last updated May 01, 2019. English. General elections were held in Italy on 20 June 1976, to select the Seventh Republican Parliament. AFC Ajax 0 – 1 FC Porto; Barros 5' De Meer Stadium, Amsterdam. The entire competition was marked by exceptionally fine weather which, along with the high quality of play throughout the tournament (a welcome change from the 1980 European Championship) and the absence of hooligans, contributed to a very positive and enjoyable experience for teams and fans alike. Die offizielle Geschichte der UEFA EURO. Italian; Latvian; Lithuanian; Hungarian; Maltese; Dutch; Polish; Portuguese, International; Romanian; Slovak; Slovenian; Finnish; Swedish; Query text . SC Algund (ITALIEN) Shipping cost cannot be calculated. Die Wahlbeteiligung betrug 61 Prozent. The third elections for the European Parliament in Italy were held on 18 June 1989. All seats gained by each party were automatically distributed to their local open lists and their most voted candidates. The Pentaparty formula, the governative alliance between five centrist parties, caused unexpected problems to Christian Democracy. At the time, only eight countries took part in the final stage of the tournament, seven of which had to come through the qualifying stage. The number of MPs to be elected was calculated upon the population's size for the last time. Europa > About the EU > The history of the European Union > The changing face of Europe – the fall of the Berlin Wall > The history of the European Union - 1984. [citation needed]. Italian regions were united in 5 constituencies, each electing a group of deputies. This election was a part of national Italian general election of 1987 even if, according to the Italian Constitution, every senatorial challenge in each Region is a single and independent race. The opening game also saw a premature end to the tournament for Danish midfielder Allan Simonsen, who suffered a broken leg. The 48,000-seat Parc des Princes in Paris was the venue for the opening match and the final. Europe's football website, uefa.com, is the official site of UEFA, the Union of European Football Associations, and the governing body of football in Europe. SC Seiseralpe (ITALIEN) 1983 Wetzikon - Schweiz 1984 Garmisch-Partenkirchen - Deutschland 1. The small group of German hooligans responsible for the incidents was arrested and deported back to West Germany on the same day using a new law specially passed by the French Parliament ahead of the Euro. 1984 Italy L.500 Lira Coin Italiana Europe. The teams played home and away matches against the other teams nations in their group. The teams finishing in the top two positions in each of the two groups progress to the semi-finals, while the bottom two teams in each group were eliminated from the tournament. Stade Geoffroy-Guichard in Saint-Étienne and Stade Félix-Bollaert in Lens were the other existing stadia that hosted group matches and were expanded to 53,000 and 49,000, respectively. . Il campionato europeo di calcio 1984 (in francese Championnat d'Europe de football 1984 ), informalmente noto come Euro 84, fu la settima edizione del massimo torneo continentale per squadre nazionali europee organizzato dall' UEFA con cadenza quadriennale. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. I miss the sound of those horns from major matches and tournaments from the 1980’s. Home ; About the EU . The election took place just a week after the death of Communist leader Enrico Berlinguer: this fact greatly influenced the vote, producing a historical result. General elections were held in Italy on 3 June 1979, to select the Eighth Republican Parliament. They were the first after the voting age was lowered to 18. Uploaded with Free Video Converter from Freemake http://www.freemake.com/free_video_converter/ The first elections for the European Parliament in Italy were held on 10 June 1979. Mai 1984 im Théâtre Municipal (Städtisches Theater) in Luxemburg statt. The Socialist Party and the Democratic Socialist Party (PSDI) presented together as the Unified PSI–PSDI, but gained c. 15%, far less than the sum of what the two parties had obtained separately in 1963. This election was a part of national Italian general election of 1976 even if, according to the Italian Constitution, every senatorial challenge in each Region is a single and independent race. This was seen as the result of the deindustrialization of the country. The European Parliament election of 1999 in Italy was the election of the delegation from Italy to the European Parliament in 1999. Italy 10000 Lire 1984 Lires Europe Volta Italia banknote . There were 41 goals scored in 15 matches, for an average of 2.73 goals per match. The fifteen ordinary regions, created in 1970, elected their fourth assemblies. 1988-01-13. Schimbarea la faţă a Europei - căderea zidului Berlinului. [1], The hosting of the event was contested by bids from France and West Germany. Lombardy elected its tenth delegation to the Italian Senate on June 14, 1987. Newsroom Toyota Italia (1984 mr2) RSS feed - Toyota Europe (opens in new window) Filter by year. A doua manșă. Pos Team. Marseille's Stade Vélodrome was expanded to 55,000 seats to host one semi-final and some group matches, becoming France's largest stadium on the occasion. Europei di calcio 2004, l'avventura in Portogallo sta per iniziare: tutte le statistiche, i risultati, i giocatori, le notizie vengono aggiornate. Overall, the organisation was flawless, a feat that established France's credentials as a host nation and eventually helped it win the right to stage the 1998 FIFA World Cup. A fost câștigată de Juventus cu scorul de 2-0. Die UEFA organisiert einige der berühmtesten and prestigeträchtigsten Fußball-Wettbewerbe auf dem europäischen Kontinent, wie etwa die UEFA Champions League, den UEFA-Pokal und die UEFA-Europameisterschaften (UEFA EURO 2008, UEFA … Die Europawahl in Deutschland 1984 war die zweite Direktwahl von 78 deutschen Abgeordneten zum Europäischen Parlament.Sie fand im Rahmen der EU-weiten Europawahl 1984 am 17. Great commentary by John Motson. General elections were held in Italy on 5 and 6 April 1992 to select the Eleventh Republican Parliament. European Parliament elections are also held every 5 years. The top two teams of each group advanced to semi-finals (reintroduced after being absent from the 1980 tournament) and the winners advanced to the final. S-a jucat într-o singură manșă (pe Stadionul Olimpic din Torino) din cauza programului încărcat din acel sezon. France qualified automatically as hosts of the … Democrazia Cristiana (DC) remained stable around 38% of the votes. General elections were held in Italy on 26 June 1983, to select the Ninth Republican Parliament. The growth of the service sector of the economy, and the leadership of former PM Bettino Craxi, gave instead a new strength to the Socialists. Sindicatul polonez, Solidarność şi liderul său, Lech Walesa, devin celebri în Europa şi în lume în urma grevelor personalului de pe şantierul naval Gdansk, din vara anului 1980. Considering that the election result did not longer depend by the strength of the DC, but by the strength of the entire Pentapartito, centrist electors began to look at the Christian Democratic vote as not necessary to prevent a Communist success. The 1984 European Cup Winners' Cup Final was a football match contested between Juventus of Italy and Porto of Portugal. Two levels were used: a national level to divide seats between parties, and a constituency level to distribute them between candidates. They were marked by a victory of the Communist Party (PCI) passing from 25% of 1963 to c. 30% at the Senate, where it presented jointly with the new Italian Socialist Party of Proletarian Unity (PSIUP), which included members of Socialist Party (PSI) which disagreed the latter's alliance with DC. Alle Infos zu allen UEFA-Europameisterschaften, inklusive Resultaten, Statistiken und Video-Highlights. Just before the hour mark, Platini scored from a free-kick to put France ahead following a mistake by Spanish goalkeeper Luis Arconada. At national level, seats were divided between party lists using the largest remainder method with Hare quota. Most of its members split between the more democratic-socialist oriented Democratic Party of the Left (PDS), while a minority who did not want to renounce the communist tradition became the Communist Refoundation Party (PRC). At the time, only eight countries took part in the final stage of the tournament, seven of which had to come through the qualifying stage. General elections were held in Italy on 14 June 1987, to select the Tenth Republican Parliament. Sitzverteilung. 19-20. European Union. Contact the seller- opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to your location. Concours Eurovision de la Chanson, so der offizielle Titel in diesem Jahr, fand am 5. It has the number 84 on the left side of its chest and its outfit is the same as the French national team, blue shirt, white shorts and red socks. The 1984 UEFA European Football Championship final tournament was held in France from 12 to 27 June 1984. Other minor effects of this election were a reduction of the referendarian Radical Party and the appearance of some regional forces. This election was called just a week before the European vote: the failure to hold the two elections at the same time caused much criticism for wasting public money. Following the 1971 census, Piedmont, Veneto and Lazio had ten more seats each. The official mascot of this European Championship was Peno, a rooster, representing the emblem of the host nation, France. General elections were held in Italy on 7 May 1972, to select the Sixth Republican Parliament. The European Parliament election of 1994 in Italy was the election of the delegation from Italy to the European Parliament in 1994. Der 29. Dietrich Schulze-Marmeling: Die Geschichte der Fußball-Europameisterschaft, Verlag Die Werkstatt, "BBC Sport – Euro 1984: Euro 1984: Michel Platini at his peak inspires France", "BBC SPORT | Football | Euro 2004 | History | France 1984", "Euro 2012: European Championships 1984 | Live football and soccer news", "European Football Championship 1984 FINAL", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=UEFA_Euro_1984&oldid=991087118, International association football competitions hosted by France, Articles with unsourced statements from February 2017, Pages using sports table with possibly ignored parameters, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Greater number of points in all group matches, Greater number of goals scored in all group matches, This page was last edited on 28 November 2020, at 05:16. Deutschland (EC Hauzenberg) 3. Gewinner wurden die Brüder Herrey mit Diggy-loo, Diggy-ley. The fifteen ordinary regions, created in 1970, elected their second assemblies. Italiano. SC Seiseralpe (ITALIEN) 7. Michel Platini's nine goals remains a record in a single European Championship. The Italian regional elections of 1975 were held on 15 and 16 June. Then, in the dying moments of the match and with a penalty shoot-out looming, Platini scored his eighth goal of the championship to give France a memorable 3–2 victory. Democrazia Cristiana (DC) remained stable with around 38% of the votes, as did the Communist Party (PCI) which obtained the same 27% it had in 1968. Supercupa Europei din 1984 s-a disputat între Juventus și Liverpool. Basic information . The other semi-final between Spain and Denmark saw two evenly matched sides draw 1–1 after extra time, as Søren Lerby's goal after only seven minutes was cancelled out by Maceda’s strike an hour later. Der Rat unterzeichnet ein Abkommen über die künftigen Beziehungen zwischen Grönland und der Gemeinschaft. The 1984 UEFA European Football Championship final tournament was held in France from 12 to 27 June 1984. Group 1. Only one minor instance of fan trouble was recorded, in Strasbourg around the West Germany vs. Portugal match. The … Item discovered at ebay.com See more similar items → [1] Detalii [ modificare | modificare sursă ] Schauen Sie Netflix-Filme und -Serien online oder per Streaming auf Smart-TVs, Spielkonsolen, PCs, Macs, Smartphones, Tablets und mehr. Each national team had to submit a squad of 20 players. Español . Juni 1984 statt. The sides played out a very close encounter until Michel Platini's goal on 78 minutes gave the hosts a 1–0 victory. Stärkste Fraktion wurde wie auch 1979 die Sozialistische Fraktion. Français. Home Menu Search . Very few hooligan-related incidents were recorded throughout the tournament. Shipping and handling. Shipped with Economy Shipping. The first semi-final between France and Portugal is often considered one of the best matches in the history of the European Championship. Stade de Gerland in Lyon, the venue for the other semi-final and some group matches as well, was thoroughly renovated and expanded to 40,000. Shipped with Economy Shipping. It was the final match of the 1983–84 European Cup Winners' Cup and the 24th European Cup Winners' Cup final. Nachdem die Länder Israel und Griechenland ihre Teilnahme abgesagt hatten, waren nur 19 Nationen am Start. Social media. The European Parliament election of 2014 in Italy took place on 25 May 2014. After a dismaying result of less than 2%, against the 4.5% of 1968, the Italian Socialist Party of Proletarian Unity was disbanded; a majority of its members joined the PCI. Ziņas Deputāti par Parlamentu Plenārsēde Komitejas Delegācijas Jūsu rīcībā The European Parliament election of 2009 in Italy was held on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 June 2009, as decided by the Italian government on 18 December 2008. If two or more teams finished level on points after completion of the group matches, the following tie-breakers were used to determine the final ranking: In the knockout phase, extra time and a penalty shoot-out were used to decide the winner if necessary. The game went to extra time and Jordão scored again in the 98th minute to give the Portuguese a shock lead, but the French rallied and Domergue equalised with six minutes left. Euro 1984 results page on FlashScore.com offers results, Euro 1984 standings and match details. The Socialist Party (PSI) continued in its decline, reducing to less than 10%. Denmark took second place in the group with victories over Belgium and Yugoslavia, while Belgium finished third with two points. The final was played to a capacity crowd at the Parc des Princes in Paris. The 1984 UEFA European Under-21 Championship was the 4th staging of the UEFA European Under-21 Championship.The qualifying stage spanned two years (1982–84), had 30 entrants. It was the seventh European Football Championship, a competition held every four years and endorsed by UEFA. The opening game of tournament featured France and Denmark. Deutschland (ESC Aham) 2. [4] The eight qualified teams were split into two groups of four that played a round-robin schedule. Elections in Hungary are held at two levels: general elections to elect the members of the National Assembly and local elections to elect local authorities. Juni 1984 statt. Österreich (Urscha Gleisdorf) 3. Europe este o formație rock suedeză, fondată în anul 1979 sub numele "Force", de către vocalistul Joey Tempest, chitaristul John Norum, basistul Peter Olsson și bateristul Tony Reno.De la formarea sa, Europe a lansat 9 albume de studio, 3 albume live, 3 albume compilație și 19 videoclipuri. As usual at the time, a win was credited with two points only, teams on equal points were ranked by goal difference instead of head-to-head results, and the sudden-death rule in extra time did not apply. France were reduced to ten players when Yvon Le Roux was sent off, but Spain were unable to equalise, and Bruno Bellone's goal in injury time made the final score 2–0. 1987-11-24. The third place play-off, widely perceived as an unnecessary chore, was dropped. This formula had the advantage of exposing residents of a given city to more teams but implied multiple and sometimes costly trips from town to town for fans who wanted to follow their side. The public emotion caused by Berlinguer's death resulted in an extraordinary strength for the PCI: for the first time in Western Europe since the French election of 1956, and for the first time ever in Italian history, a Communist party received a plurality by a democratic vote. Italy elected 72 members of the European Parliament (MEPs). This item will ship to United States, but the seller has not specified shipping options. Contact the seller- opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to your location. The second elections for the European Parliament in Italy were held on 17 June 1984. Deutschland (Isartaler München) 9. Italy elected 73 MEPs out of 751 European Parliament seats. However, between them they gained around 4% less than what the already declining PCI had obtained in the 1987 Italian general election, despite PRC absorbing the disbanded Proletarian Democracy (DP). Elections to the European Parliament were held in Italy on 12 and 13 June 2004. Das schwedische Lied über goldene Schuhe landete vor dem irischen Beitrag Terminal 3, den Johnny Loga… Supercupa Europei 1987 a fost cea de douăsprezecea ediție a Supercupa Europei. France qualified automatically as hosts of the event; led by Michel Platini, who scored nine goals in France's five matches, Les Bleus won the tournament – their first major international title. Yugoslavia, despite going out with no points, gave the hosts a fright in their last group game when they took a 1–0 lead into half-time and then reduced France's 3–1 lead to one goal six minutes from time. More, voting for one of the four minor parties of the alliance was seen as a form of moderate protest against the government without giving advantages to the PCI. The pure party-list proportional representation was the traditional electoral system of the Italian Republic since its foundation in 1946, so it had been adopted to elect the Italian representatives to the European Parliament too. This item will ship to United States, but the seller has not specified shipping options. General elections were held in Italy on Sunday 25 May 1958, to select the Third Republican Parliament. Italy Poland Yugoslavia ... Four groups of five teams and three groups of four teams competed for qualification for UEFA Euro 1984. France's winning bid to host the Euro was based on seven stadia. The second elections for the European Parliament in Italy were held on 17 June 1984. Group 2 provided fewer goals, but produced a huge surprise as West Germany failed to qualify for the semi-finals after a 1–0 defeat in their last match to Spain with a late goal by Antonio Maceda, and a late Portugal win against Romania that sent the holders out. Definitions of Template:Nazionale francese europei 1984, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of Template:Nazionale francese europei 1984, analogical dictionary of Template:Nazionale francese europei 1984 (Italian) Zur Wahl traten 14 Parteien und Sonstige Politische Vereinigungen an. The games in Group 1 were unusually high-scoring, and featured 23 goals over the six matches. For the first time at a European Championship, there was no third place play-off. Österreich (ESV Olympia Weiz) 2. The alliance was fixed and universal, extended both to the national government and to the local administrations. 1984 Italy L.500 Lira Coin Italiana Europe. Albania, Iceland and Wales competed in the competition for the first time. I Sindacati europei fra il 1983 e il 1984 (Studi e ricerche) (Italian Edition) The most important growth was that of the post-fascist Italian Social Movement, who nearly doubled its votes from 4.5% to about 9%, after its leader Giorgio Almirante launched the formula of the National Right, proposing his party as the sole group of the Italian right wing. [3] Jean-François Domergue opened the scoring for France but Portugal equalised through Rui Jordão on 74 minutes. Fixtures were scheduled according to an innovative rotation schedule in which each team played its three first-round matches in three different stadia.