Only once previously has the top division in Italy been forced to stop early because of external forces, the aforementioned season in 1915. The tale implements that the Grifone were handed the championship, according to testimonies from the time, because of their superiority over Lazio on paper. Ed ha compiuto un altro importantissimo passo, forse fondamentale. Lalaziosiamonoi. Gian Luca: “I have occasional meetings with Claudio Lotito, with whom I have maintained a good relationship with. Per questo motivo, la partita tra la Lazio e la vincente di questa sfida fu annullata determinando automaticamente che era la Lazio la squadra designata per la finale che assegnava lo scudetto della stagione 1914-1915. Gian Luca: “Unfortunately, I don’t know. Together, with my colleague Pasquale Trane, we discovered that there was a national newspaper that existed in Italy which has been forgotten by the name of ‘L’Italia Sportiva’; they had documented that Lazio was first the Champion of Central Italy and then the Champion of Central-Southern Italy in the 1914/15 season. Steven: Do you speak regularly with members of the club? La Lazio vicina ad un terzo scudetto? He was in politics and his opinions are always to be taken into consideration. Gian Luca: “I can tell you that I recently made some exceptional discoveries that will explain why (and how) Genoa being named the Northern Italian Champions in 1914/1915 was exploited (and/or at least misunderstood) over the years, magically resulting in the Rossoblu being named the National Italian Champion (and consequently the Scudetto) of the 1914/15 season.”. My elementary school class had fifteen boys: thirteen supported Lazio, one supported Roma, and one supported Juventus. Mostra i commenti. I have never had any official assignment from Lazio, but it is obvious that the club appreciates my work a lot; on several occasions, the club has also said it publicly.”. Diaconale has made it clear that Lazio still pursue the trophy, to help them equal their arch-rivals Roma’s record of three Scudetti. Steven: This case is approaching its fifth anniversary. Then, I gradually got to know most of the correspondents of the Italian newspapers and the staff of the sites that deal with Lazio, with which I have established excellent synergies. Below is the complete interview. Steven: What is your relationship like with Lazio? But it is important to note that they have confirmed to the Commission of Experts that they do not have any official documents; it is probably better for them to remain quiet and watch everything unfold. La petizione della Lazio La Lazio 1914-1915, vincitrice del girone finale dell'Italia centrale prima della sospensione bellica. Steven: What is the latest update on this case? However, if I approach the question in a more rational way, then I feel like saying Silvio Piola. Steven: Who is your ‘current’ favorite Lazio player? Finally, I am very proud of the respect and mutual consideration that characterizes my relationship with the Curva Nord and with the fans in general.”. Appena pochi giorni fa la Federazione Olandese, a causa dell’emergenza Covid-19, ha definitivamente sospeso l’Eredivisie 2019/20, così come già sancito per tante altre competizioni sportive. TAG: calcio, campionato 1914/1915, lazio, mignogna, scudetto 1915. Lazio | Scudetto 1915, Mignogna: “Il Genoa fu condannato per corruzione, ma graziato da poteri istituzionali e storiografia” L’avv. In 2019-20 we are in the middle of more uncertainty on how the season will end, and Lazio awkwardly sit one point behind Juventus in the middle of a suspended campaign and another possible interruption. He is top class, able to find his teammates anywhere in the pitch, provide assists, and also score goals. Gian Luca: “The petition was – and still is – fundamental because it involves everyone, acts as supporting evidence for the case, and allows me to send necessary updates (which everyone receives once they sign the petition).”. How does this petition support this case? Non ci sono più dubbi: «Date lo scudetto 1915 ex aequo con il Genoa alla Lazio». Wallace: Lazio Ready to Sell Brazilian Defender, Sofian Kiyine: Lazio Set to Bring Midfielder to Rome. Gian Luca: “I was born – and currently live – in Rome. However, most of society likely know of him due to his consistent efforts to award Italian Serie A club S.S. Lazio the 1915 Scudetto. Steven: Is there anything else that you would like to say to Lazio fans? Steven: Have you been in contact with any members of the Rossoblu club? On Sunday May 23, 1915, the same day as the scheduled matches between Genoa-Torino and Milan-Inter were to determine the outcome of the Northern category of Italian football, Italy declared they were ready to enter the war. Lazio 1914/15: Campione d’Italia Ex Aequo! Is there a reason for this? Scudetto 1915 - Gian Luca Mignogna e Fabio Belli ospiti a Cittaceleste TV. The Scudetto of 1915 was unassigned for years during the war and the discussion regarding the true and rightful owner of the title still exists over 100 years later. “ Quando nel 2015 ho inoltrato alla Figc la richiesta di assegnazione ex aequo a Genoa e Lazio dello Scudetto 1915, l’ho fatto sulla base delle conoscenze storiografiche all’epoca già note a tutti. Lazio spokesman Arturo Diaconale has claimed that the fans donâ t need to fear a reprise of the denied Scudetto of 1915 because of the coronavirus. When this happens, it would give me an immense amount of satisfaction not only as a lawyer, but also as a Lazio fan and as an Italian citizen.”. Steven: Both clubs – more so Genoa – have kept fairly quiet about this case. il terzo potrebbe essere quello del…1915. Diaconale cita il campionato del 1915 che fu assegnato al Genoa affermando erroneamente che la Lazio era prima. Hanno alzato un polverone mediatico le dichiarazioni di Alfredo Parisi, presidente di Federsupporter, che si è schierato dalla parte del Genoa nella rivendicazione della Lazio dello scudetto per ex aequo del 1914/1915. For this reason, once this global pandemic is over, I expect and hope that the Federation will immediately ratify the ex aequo to Lazio. Although he played in the 1930s, when it was another kind of football, we must not forget what he did while at Lazio. Without any valid proof, they still claim to have obtained the national title between 1919 and 1921; this is when Genoa was the most politically powerful club in the nation…”. Speciale TG - Coronavirus, la Serie A che vuole ripartire e lo Scudetto Lazio del 1915. Gian Luca: “Yes, my heart has beaten fast for Lazio since I was a child.”. Steven: What are the potential outcomes of this case? I also have a good relationship with him; it is further backed by the fact that we are, more or less peers, and come from the same district of Rome. Gian Luca: “I do not believe so; the two issues are totally autonomous and independent of each other. Mignogna, avvocato di fede biancoceleste, ha parlato dello scudetto del 1915 su Lazio Story. Gian Luca: “No. It is incredible how he has succeeded in the mezzala (attacking midfielder) role. Il Comitato Promotore per l'assegnazione dello Scudetto 1915 a Lazio e Genoa torna alla carica. Steven: How did you become a fan of Società Sportiva Lazio? But we have never talked about the 1915 Scudetto because the President is also a Federal Councilor; he is in a so-called ‘conflict of interest’ regarding this case… I met Stefano De Martino when I founded Lazio Story with Fabio Belli. Lo dice la commissione nominata dal presidente della Figc Tavecchio in dieci pagine di dettagliata relazione. Riportiamo di seguito il comunicato ufficiale dell’Avv. Scudetto 1915, la Lazio al Genoa: titolo anche nostro, finale mai disputata di GIULIO CARDONE e RICCARDO CAPONETTI Lazio Scudetto 1915. Igli Tare is the person I know least at the club, but his excellent work is available for all to see.”. Let’s not forget that in Rome, there are two football teams, and that there is a lot of competition between them regarding the Scudetto 1915; if Lazio is awarded the title, they will have each won the league on three occasions.”. Finally, to this date, he continues to hold the record for the most goals scored in the Serie A. Nessun motivo medico o sociale dietro la richiesta, semplicemente la Lazio vuole giocarsi le sue chance di Scudetto fino in fondo e non vedersi stoppata da una sospensione. Gian Luca Mignogna has been a lawyer for over 25 years and is the author of ‘Lo Scudetto Spezzato: Storia Di Un Campionato Mai Terminato’. However, I realize that if I think like this, I become a philanthropist and a utopian…”. I was five when Giorgio Chinaglia’s Lazio won the 1974 Scudetto. As for Lazio, they can’t go too far because of the conflict of interest, but it is in the facts that they deserve to and want the claim of ex aequo for the 1915 Scudetto. How much longer do you think that we will have to wait for an official decision to be made? Simone Inzaghi has proven to be a great coach by seeing certain skills in him. Scudetto 1915, anche l’Enciclopedia del calcio a sostegno della Lazio! LAZIO E SCUDETTO 1915: LE PROSSIME MOSSE DI MIGNOGNA “Nei prossimi giorni usciranno tre nuovi comunicati, uno a settimana, con i quali metteremo a puntino gli ultimi tasselli che proveranno come e perchè qualcuno ha dolosamente o inavvertitamente equivocato l’assegnazione di quel campionato trasformandolo da settentrionale a italiano. 06.07 16:45 - Scudetto 1915, Mignogna: "Il Guerin Sportivo ha messo in dubbio l'assegnazione al Genoa" 22.02 13:45 - Lazio, Scudetto 1915: presentate nuove prove in Figc. However, in terms of timing for any official decision to be made, the decisions that must be made regarding the current football season will likely slow down the decisions concerning the 1914/15 season.”. In effetti, mentre la Roma è stata Campione d’Italia per 3 volte, la Lazio si è fermata a due. Gian Luca: “I would like – on the basis of true sporting values and Olympic principles – that fans of Genoa and Roma declare that they consent to Lazio being awarded the 1915 Scudetto and that economic and political interests remain out of this case. If not, who started this case? Gian Luca: “The issue regarding the 1915 Scudetto was known in part for many years. Gian Luca: “Unfortunately, due to the emergence of COVID-19 (that is continuing to wreak havoc worldwide), the official decision has been delayed. Becoming an increasingly mentioned topic in the media and within the football world, Steven Moore – Founder and Owner of The Laziali – reached out to Gian Luca to ask a few questions. Additionally, he was a FIFA World Cup winner in 1938 with Italy, winning the FIFA World Cup Silver Ball (second-best player in the competition) and the FIFA World Cup Silver Boot (second top goalscorer in the competition). Il primo scudetto dell'era Lotito potrebbe arrivare ad agosto: nulla capace di placare l'ira del tifo biancoceleste nei confronti del Presidente, ma comunque una soddisfazione per la Lazio. Scudetto 1915, in casa Lazio c’è ancora molto da dire: come ogni anno, quello con l’Almanacco Illustrato del Calcio Panini è un appuntamento imperdibile per gli appassionati. ● F) ASSEGNARE LO SCUDETTO 1914/15 EX AEQUO A LAZIO E GENOA IN VIRTU' DELL'ARTICOLO 16 DEL REGOLAMENTO UFFICIALE DEL CAMPIONATO, DICHIARARE ENTRAMBI I CLUB CAMPIONI D’ITALIA PER TALE STAGIONE CALCISTICA E FREGIARE COL TRICOLORE I BIANCAZZURRI PER IL PRIMATO ALL’EPOCA CONSEGUITO NELL’ITALIA CENTRO … Gian Luca: “Regarding Genoa, I don’t have an answer. If so, with whom do you speak? Vai al prossimo articolo. Lazio fear repeat of 1915 Scudetto controversy By Football Italia staff Serie A 2019-20 risks having to stop prematurely because of the Coronavirus outbreak, which would be … La Lazio, dal canto suo, non si è ancora arresa e chiede l'assegnazione ex-aequo del titolo in quanto unica finalista certa di quella competizione. Nuove accuse contro il Qatar, per i Mondiali del 2022. This then allowed me to create an online petition on named ‘Lazio 1914/15: Campione d’Italia Ex Aequo!’ which eventually resulted in me managing to get the Italian Football Federation to open an official investigation into the 1914/15 season; ex aequo is Latin for ‘according to the right and good’ or ‘from equity and conscience’.”. Sarà scudetto Lazio? Lazio were already in the Final after winning the Southern category and were only waiting for the second qualified team from the northern regions of Italy. Gian Luca Mignogna: Lazio and the 1915 Scudetto, ex aequo is Latin for ‘according to the right and good’ or ‘from equity and conscience’.”, I recently made some exceptional discoveries. Scudetto Lazio 1914-1915: svolta vicina? Gian Luca: “Legally there is only one solution; according to all of the documents and pieces of evidence I have provided (and that exist) both Lazio and Genoa should both be declared Champions of Italy for the 1914/1915 season. Gian Luca: “Instinctively, I would have to say Giorgio Chinaglia, because he made me proud to be a Lazio supporter. 12:39. Lo Scudetto del 1915 è una battaglia che vede ancora impegnato il mondo biancoceleste. Steven: Do you think that the decisions that will be made regarding the 2019/2020 Serie A season will ultimately decide the fate of the 1914/1915 season? Il comunicato dell'Avv. Lazio, scudetto 1915, ecco la relazione di FRANCESCO SAVERIO INTORCIA I risultati della commissione della Figc sul titolo ex aequo con il Genoa. Steven: In your honest opinion, what is the probability that Lazio will be awarded the 1915 Scudetto? Steven: Tell us more about your petition on Steven: Is there anything else that you would like to say about this case that people may not be aware of? I have great respect for President Gravina, but the Italian Football Federation is made up of many components; when politics is involved, one cannot be sure of anything… However, what I will say, is that an unfavorable decision is made against Lazio, I would not hesitate for even a second to go through all possible and imaginable degrees of judgment (to prove that they are wrong). L’avvocato Mignogna, difensore della Lazio e dello scudetto del 1915, ha parlato proprio di quello storico tricolore mai assegnato. What was the procedure like for starting this case? Si aprono nuovi scenari nella battaglia per la riassegnazione alla Lazio del tanto contestato scudetto del 1915. Gian Luca: “Laziali, continue to support us and to fight with us; this is one of those battles destined to change history…”. La rivalità sportiva tra Roma e Lazio è molto accesa e spesso i tifosi giallorossi “ prendono in giro ” i cugini laziali rivendicando di aver vinto uno Scudetto in più. Mignogna; 20.02 14:33 - Lazio, dal Genoa passa sempre uno scudetto: il 1915 … He also knows how to defend; I would say he is truly a complete midfielder.”. All of this is mentioned in the book “Lo Scudetto Spezzato”, which I had the pleasure of writing together with Emiliano Foglia. The Biancocelesti won in 1974 and later in 2000 and have repeatedly been asking for the trophy of 1915 to be awarded to them, at least as joint winners with Genoa. “All’indomani del 104emo anniversario dello scoppio della Grande Guerra, a quattro anni dalla rivendicazione ex aequo a Lazio e Genoa dello scudetto 1915 ed in...More 25 Maggio 2019 1223 0 Since then, a new ‘Historical Commission’ has been appointed to work on the case and is expected to present its conclusions shortly. Pronta la replica dell’Avvocato Mignogna. Scudetto 1915, il Genoa alla Lazio: "Troppe inesattezze, titolo fu assegnato per netta superiorità tecnica" For example: Lazio is awarded the title, and therefore, both Lazio and Genoa are winners of the 1915 Scudetto; the 1914/1915 season is deemed suspended, and thus, the title is stripped from Genoa. 1:58. Gian Luca: “When I launched the petition in 2015, and all the Italian media began to talk about the issue, I had the opportunity to get to know and receive the compliments of both the President of Lazio (Claudio Lotito) and the President of Lazio Polisportiva (Antonio Buccioni). Steven: Do you know what Genoa’s stance is regarding this case? ROMA – L’avvocato Gian Luca Mignogna, che si è assunto la briga di lottare per l’assegnazione dello scudetto del 1915 alla Lazio, ha recentemente risposto alle accuse avanzate dal Genoa nei confronti dei capitolini. Steven: How was this case started? "Quando oltre cinque anni fa è partita la rivendicazione ex aequo dello Scudetto 1915, l’obiettivo era “solo” quello di ridare onore, dignità e diritti sportivi agli Eroi di una Lazio fortemente pregiudicata dagli eventi della Prima Guerra Mondiale. They came to the conclusion that my thesis was true, that Genoa appeared to have been the Northern Champions and Lazio the Central-Southern Champions, so the only solution to this centenary injustice would have been the one I had proposed from the beginning; that is, declaring Lazio and Genoa both Italian Champions of the 1914/15 season. 35:27. However, unfortunately, numerous institutional crises followed and proceedings had been blocked until last year (2019). Scudetto 1915, il giornalista Italo Cucci dalle pagine del Corriere dello Sport parla di «manipolazione storica». Una richiesta ancora in sospeso: l’assegnazione dello scudetto 1914-15 è ancora in dubbio visto l’ex aequo fra la Lazio e il Genoa. Genoa topped the table on seven points, followed by Torino and Inter on five and Milan on three, but the matches were never played. At school, everyone became Lazio fans, or at least almost all of us. The Coronavirus outbreak has put football on hold in Italy and has started to affect the rest of the European leagues as well. He is a true legend, which new generations should never forget… In addition, there is Vincenzo D’Amico, a great number ten, and certainly the most memorable player for me in the past 30 years.”. Abbiamo scavato nella storia e ogni volta che usciva un pezzettino di questa vicenda non solo abbiamo capito che la Lazio meritava il titolo, ma è venuto fuori che il caso dello Scudetto 1915 è di fatto il più grande scandalo del calcio italiano“. However, in November 2019, FIGC President Gabriele Gravina publicly said that there would soon be an official statement made about the 1915 Scudetto. Gian Luca Mignogna has been a lawyer for over 25 years and is the author of ‘Lo Scudetto Spezzato: Storia Di Un Campionato Mai Terminato’. Proprio ieri l’avvocato Gian Luca Mignogna (promotore numero uno della rivendicazione) ha depositato presso la Figc un estratto dell’Enciclopedia “Il Grande Calcio”, in cui anche il direttore Giorgio Tosatti affermava: “La Lazio avrebbe disputato anche la finalissima del 1915, ma a […] In practice, Lazio was the only Italian team that actually qualified for the National Final, which was suspended due to World War I (with the title then consequently – and wrongly – being solely assigned to Genoa; the Northern Champion). But with the arrival of the Gabriele Gravina as President, the process has resumed. Is it on hold? Steven: Were you the lawyer that initiated the case surrounding the 1915 Scudetto?