7 thriller movies on Amazon Prime Video to binge this week 1. The brothers do end up robbing a bank and pocketing $65,000 in the process. The film examines the lives of police officers on different rungs of the career and how everyone is affected differently by the situations posed in front of them. This film is based on true events and maybe that’s what makes it all the more horrifying. The film works both as a character study and a highly-engaging thriller. This lands him into prison where he faces the harsh brutality of life and has to adapt if he is to survive. -- Haleigh Foutch, Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jason Clarke, Serenity is without a doubt one of the wildest movies of 2019. While all the circumstantial evidence points towards Leonard, his defending lawyer Sir Wilfrid Robarts believes that there is more to the case than what meets the eye. - John Rocha, Cast: Michael Caine, Emily Mortimer, David Bradley, Iain Glen, Sean Harris and Charlie Creed-Miles, Once upon a time, Michael Caine was the premier badass in the late 60s and early 70s cinema. Part sci-fi, part horror, the no-budget chamber piece succeeds not by banking on its fantastic concept, but seeing that concept to its completion through honest character arcs and the unsettling reality that there's nothing more frightening than the way we perceive ourselves. However, the boy comes with his own set of purposes that is intended to destroy the life of the doctor owing to a secret in his past. Soon, Joe discovers why Graham refuses to live in his own mansion. Jason Isaacs Has Some Bad News, 'Jurassic World: Dominion' Is the "Culmination" of the Entire 'Jurassic' Franchise, Says Colin Trevorrow, The 85 Best Movies on Netflix Right Now (January 2021), 'Cobra Kai' Season 3: Jacob Bertrand Discusses the Future of Hawk's Mohawk, ‘Servant’: Rupert Grint and Nell Tiger Free Tease What’s Coming Up on Season 2, Why I'm Glad 'WandaVision' Finally Mentioned [SPOILER], How Maria Bakalova Made Herself Smell Terrible for 'Borat 2', 'Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist' Standout Alex Newell on Memories of 'Glee' and Mo's Latest Season 2 Reveal. Hi There, Looking for best thriller movies on amazon prime ? An action-thriller starring Won Bin as an ex-special agent Cha Tae-sik turned pawn shop owner. The criteria for inclusion here is that (1) the film is classified by Amazon Prime as a thriller film, (2) The A.V. The plane is shot down over France and all of his squad is killed except for himself and three other soldiers. Making A Perilous Journey. Read More: Best Documentaries on Amazon Prime. It's a slow burn that sticks the landing with an unforgettable conclusion, and it lowkey packs in enough mythology that Benson and Moorhead have built a whole cinematic world out of it. Each of them faces a confounding situation that makes them carefully consider the decisions that they will have to make. ‘Mother!’ was another of his bold steps at making another unusual film. However, a wealthy man of the town falls in love with her and they decide to get married. But, things only get worse there. Giving them little respect as they try to live out the rest of their days in peace after giving so much to their country. Based on Agatha Christie’s play of the same name, ‘Witness For The Prosecution’ is a film by Billy Wilder, one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. It is more about the bond of love and the grief of loss than it is about a ghost in a white sheet. But the man is hiding his true personality and it turns out that he is not as sophisticated and good as he seems to be on the outside. Hannay’s misfortune starts when he is suspected of the murder of a female agent. Richard Gere, Don Cheadle, and Ethan Hawke star as the three officers of the New York Police Department. After a gang takes them hostage, they use them in a war against another rival gang which leads to the possible death of So-mi. And when it comes to a good thriller movie, Amazon Prime has plenty of those, too. She is wealthy, has a loving husband and enjoys a successful career as a children’s author. However, the plan does not work out when the heiress ends up falling for this handmaiden and the two of them begin a passionate sexual affair. However, while they are trying to escape, a blast inside their car makes Connie crash the vehicle. You're not really sure if anything is actually happening or isn't? One of the greatest British films of the 20th century, ’The 39 Steps’, a film by Alfred Hitchcock based on the similarly-titled book by John Buchan. The Report stars Adam Driver as Daniel Jones, an idealistic Senate staffer who is assigned by Senator Dianne Feinstein (Annette Bening) to lead an investigation into the CIA's post 9/11 Detention and Interrogation Program. ‘The Boys’ Season 3 Will Tackle Extremely R-Rated Storyline “Herogasm”, The Best Thrillers on Amazon Prime Right Now, More When he sees the case of a nineteen-year-old boy being held for the murder of an Archbishop, he decides to take the case considering the media coverage that the case was receiving. This 1974 British TV show Thriller is an okay knockoff of Boris Karloffs Thriller from the sixties. You may be in one mood when you start looking thru their choices, but be in a completely different mood by the time you finally select one to watch. This list of the best thrillers on Amazon Prime is updated weekly with all-new choices, so be sure to return the next time you’re looking for something great to watch. But, the one that is the most horrifying is something that he never thought of. 9 nail-biting thriller shows and movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, Apple TV and Netflix By Deepali Singh 3 May 2020 From gripping trials to twisted murder mysteries, these movies and shows will keep you guessing right till the end The film centers on a murder trial where a war veteran called Leonard Vole has been accused of murdering the wealthy and middle-aged woman called Emily French. Jones is initially hesitant to take on the task, but is soon consumed by his charge and becomes dogged and determined to issue this report despite the protestations of the CIA and other Senators in Congress. These are the best TV shows streaming right now on Amazon Prime. You need to watch this eerie sci-fi thriller on Amazon Prime ASAP The Vast of Night, director Andrew Patterson’s feature debut, is a low-budget sci-fi … — Haleigh Foutch. The great thrillers also veer into the categories of mysteries, action-adventure, horror, sci-fi, spy films, and both noir and neo-noir. In total, there are nearly 13,000 films available on Amazon Prime, compared to less than 4,000 options available on Netflix. The film paints a stunning picture of the nightlife in New York City when all the criminals and lowlifes come out to make a living in whichever way possible. Read More: Best Holiday Movies on Amazon Prime. His life changes when he meets a man who looks exactly like him. They also have interesting concepts, a thick plot that only gets denser by the minute, troubled characters who can’t seem to get a handle on their lives, and crime, most often, to join them all. As he got older, he left those movies behind for more mainstream fare until 2009's Harry Brown. This film focuses on the events centered around three cops at different stages in their careers. Stream this one tonight and get ready for one helluva ride. Loosely inspired by the Victorian crime novel ‘Fingersmith’, ‘The Handmaiden’ is full of the director’s trademark style where he infuses even the ordinary scenes with an air of mystery and intrigue. The comedy in the movie is refreshingly different from what you have seen before or what you are watching in Telugu TV Shows, regularly. Amazon Prime is one of the better streaming services for horror fans (and that’s even before you add on the essential Shudder service for a little extra blood and guts). Thriller Movies available on Amazon Prime :- Thriller Movies available on Netflix:- ‘The Silence Of The Lambs’ is only one of the three films in history to have won the top five prizes at the Academy Awards- Best Film. When So-mi's mother, who dances at the local club, steals a large pack of heroin from that club at the behest of her low life boyfriend, it sets off a chain of events that ensnares Tae-sik and So-mi in the world of Korean gangs and drug runners. The initial investigation pointed towards the death being a suicide, but soon, the police found contradictory evidence that pointed towards someone close to Caroline being responsible for her death. Yorgos Lanthimos has an eccentric way of making movies. The old show was well written, atmospheric, scary. But is it all real or another one of his hallucinations? Mathu Vadalara; Comic Thrillers are very rarely made in Telugu Cinema. ‘The Conversation’ is the story of Harry Caul, a surveillance expert who has been hired by a man to trail and record the interactions of a young couple. Select Your Cookie Preferences We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use … - Matt Goldberg, Writers: James Greer and Jonathan Bernstein, Cast: Claire Foy, Jay Pharoah, Joshua Leonard, Amy Irving, Juno Temple, Colin Woodell. Cathryn has a good life. Amazon Prime Video has secured the exclusive first window worldwide rights, excluding the U.S., Canada and China, to psychological thriller series “Cruel Summer.”. Tilda Swinton plays the role of the tormented mother Eva and Ezra Miller plays the role of the psychopathic teen Kevin with absolute perfection. Joe is assigned to become the caretaker of the house, first part-time and then around the clock. The film plays on many themes, layered one after another. When the two brothers are confronted by a policeman, Nick is caught while his brother manages to escape. Jovan Adepo stars as Boyce, a young soldier still getting used to the perils of war, who is sent as part of a paratrooper team on the eve of D-Day to destroy a radio tower behind enemy lines. By Thrillist Entertainment. Cast: Anna Kendrick, Blake Lively, Henry Golding, Andrew Rannells, Twisted thrillers don't get more deliciously absurd and provocative than A Simple Favor, Paul Feig's stylish mystery about a lonely single mother (Anna Kendrick) who gets caught up in an increasingly wild predicament when she agrees to look after her friend's son. A disastrous thing happens to Jacob Harlon, after which he is forced to live and survive in the new way of life. Run Time: 119 min | IMDb: 7.2/10 Adam Driver and Annette Bening star in this political thriller based on a true story. The trailers provide a glimpse of the plot, which is that weary fisherman Baker Dill (Matthew McConaughey) has been roped into a scheme by his ex-wife Karen (Anne Hathaway) to murder her abusive husband Frank (Jason Clarke) in exchange for $10 million. Read More: Best Sci-Fi Movies on Amazon Prime. The billionaire lives in a simple, small house across the road. Updated on 10/29/2020 at 6:00 PM 'The Departed' | Warner Bros. Pictures Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. The story begins with a con-man whose aim is to marry a rich heiress in order to make her wealth his own and live lavishly off it. Wonderfully supported by solid performances from Fahadh Faasil, Roshan Mathew and Darshana Rajendran, C U Soon never lets you off the hook until the final payoff. Brooklyn’s Finest (2009) This film focuses on the events centered around three cops at different stages in … Here’s the list of top thriller movies on Amazon Prime that are our recommendations for you and your friends. He commits a small mistake of running over a red light which culminates into a bigger blunder- the death of his friend. There's an endless supply of quality drama, comedy, thriller, and more on Amazon, so walk, don't run. From a take on what we are doing to Mother Nature to drawing allegories from biblical stories, this film has a lot of thought-provoking points to make. With the advent of online streaming services, like Netflix and Amazon Prime, movie lovers can now watch almost every movie from the comforts of their home. Amazon Studios The Report (2019). From new titles to films that date back as early as the 1940s, here are the best thrillers … Set at a dinner party reunion among old friends on the night of a rare astronomical event, tensions rise as the laws of science and the firmaments of reality bend and break over the course of one mind-bending night. However, ‘The Conversation’ is the film which helped the director win his second Palme d’Or, making him one among a handful of directors to have managed the same. Read More: Best Scary Movies on Amazon Prime. … The fiilm's first act is a euphoric display of athleticism and talent, featuring one dance sequence after the next, but once things get dark, they cascade into a grimy, grim clusterfuck in a hurry. Connie is desperate to get his brother out of prison at any cost and looks for the way in which he can gather the money required to do so. He introduces the teenager to his family and the doctor’s wife seems to take a special interest in the boy. This episode will be memorable to say the least. Netflix better watch out as many of these have somehow managed to fly totally under the radar, despite interesting plots and amazing casts. Burns, who also wrote the screenplay, does a masterful job of jumping back and forth in time throughout the film. Our entry point to the twisted tale is through Sook-Hee, a thief by trade and family tradition who is in fact teaming with a fake count Fujiwara (Ha Jung-woo) in a scheme to defraud Lady Hideko of her fortune, but when Sook-Hee falls for her mark, the fiendish plan is thrown for a loop as new layers of deception and manipulation are uncovered at every turn. The Best Thrillers on Amazon Prime For when you're in need of an adrenaline rush. Driver plays Senate staffer Daniel J. The film totally goes full bore into some body horror and the creation of a new species that is half-animal and half-human. Unsane had a so-so reaction when it dropped in theaters in early 2018, but I have a feeling time is going to be very generous to this one. Maybe too scary. He gets drunk with the man and in the morning finds himself robbed of his clothes and wallet. Eva always knew that there was something wrong with her son Kevin. He makes it a personal mission to find her and to make those responsible for her kidnapping pay...even those who may have hired him to do the job. But the reality is stranger than fiction and the case presented in this film proves that. It's a graphic and savage film that features a tour de force performance from Caine that you won't soon forget! WATCH NOW ON AMAZON PRIME. Little does he know that he would get involved with an international ring of spies soon after his arrival. Director Mahesh Narayanan’s romance thriller is fast paced, gripping storytelling that keeps you on the edge. When he commits a massacre at his school, he is sent to prison and Eva is forced to look back on her time with Kevin to find out where she went wrong with him, where she could have stopped all these bad things from happening. They infiltrate the small French town where the radio tower is located and get help from Chloe (Mathilde Olivier), a female resident who carries her own bit of firepower. With a vast collection of thriller movies, Amazon Prime stands above the rest. Blink: A gripping psychological thriller with a killer twist you'll never forget The Report. SUBSCRIBE TO YouTube. Easily one of the most slept on films of 2018, A Simple Favor is a bonafide gripping thriller with some next-level insane reveals and fashion porn that would make Ocean's 8 tremble. From Collider Staff, Larry King, Beloved Interviewer & CNN Icon, Dead at 87. Darren Aronofsky had made some truly spectacular films like ‘Black Swan’ and ‘Requiem for a Dream’. - John Rocha, Cast: Adam Driver, Annette Bening, Jon Hamm, Tim Blake Nelson, Maura Tierney, Corey Stoll and Michael C. Hall, Noted screenwriter and producer Scott Z. Burns made his feature film directorial debut with The Report. You'll have to decide during a brilliantly confusing end scene. Sofia Boutella stars as the lead dancer in an international dance troupe, who Jetes, fan kicks, and backbends down a nightmarish rabbit hole to hell when the punch bowl winds up spiked with drugs. ‘Dogtooth’, ‘The Lobster’ and ‘Alps’ show how different his methods of filmmaking are. Set in 1952, this film tells the story of a teacher who feels lost in life. 19. Katie McGovern is trying to make a career in acting but is struggling miserably at it. A real life tale about the CIA's attempts to cover up a report detailing their disturbing torture methods deployed on captive prisoners after 9/11. She is distraught by this revelation and decides to confront her husband when he gets home. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Kelly is trying to leave her past behind and trying to let go of her career as a prostitute. It tells the story of a couple who welcome guests in their house but find difficulty in getting rid of them. He is famous for tackling high-profile cases and is known for getting his clients out of treacherous situations. One night, she receives a mysterious call in which a woman tells her that her husband is having an affair. © 2021 Cinemaholic Inc. All rights reserved. We here at Collider have decided to help you accomplish the task of selecting the right thriller a bit easier for you with our guide to finding the best thrillers on Amazon Prime Video. All images property of their respective owners. Not caring about more details, Katie gives the audition and is instantly selected. From classic to contemporary, Amazon Prime Video has movies and series of all possible genre and language, which can be either good and bad depending on your mood. We’ve thumbed through the library and assembled a list of some of the best films currently available for streaming, from classics to hidden gems to new releases and everything in between. Here are ten great recent thrillers on Amazon Prime you … It may not have turned out as good as his other works, still, ‘Mother!’ deserves attention. Top 20 Bollywood Thriller Movies On Amazon Prime Video You Must Watch. Turns out the friend in question is a real wild card (Blake Lively in a redefining role) and when she goes missing, everything gets all kinds of fucked-up. Our handy guide to to some great thrillers you can stream right now on Amazon Prime. © 2020 Cinemaholic Inc. All rights reserved. It has Casey Affleck play the role of a musician who dies in an accident and then comes back as a sheeted ghost to look after his grieving wife. The problems in the family, that he is pretending to be a part of, come out soon enough and he realizes that he will have to find a way to get out of this messed up life. Amazon Exclusive movie Greenland, starring Gerard Butler (Angel Has Fallen) and Morena Baccarin (Deadpool), will launch directly and exclusively on Amazon Prime Video in the UK on Friday 5 February… In the action-packed disaster-thriller Greenland, a family fights for survival as a planet-killing comet races to Earth. He touches on the most sensitive subject in the most bizarre ways. A masterfully made film filled with suspense and interesting characters, ‘The 39 Steps’ is considered a classic prototype of its genre. 'The Wilds': Did Mia Healey Really Shave Her Head for the Role? - John Rocha, Writers: Seo-kyeong Jeong and Chan-wook Park, Cast: Min-hee Kim, Tae-ri Kim, Jung-woo Ha, Jing-woo Jo, The Handmaiden is the most downright gorgeous erotic thriller ever made. Similar films that have come after ‘The 39 Steps’ have all been inspired by it to one degree or another. Joe has just left school and needs some job that’ll pay him enough to get around on his own. While handing out deaths by hammer, Joe is also taking care of his elderly mother (Judith Roberts) and trying to remember to take his medicine. Wilder’s treatment of the subject takes ‘Witness For The Prosecution’ much beyond the scope of a play. Something similar happens with ‘The Killing of a Sacred Deer’. You just have to look beyond the implied horror part. Here is a List of 10 Best suspense thriller movies on amazon prime... Let's Get Started ! First of all, they’re also accessible to a large audience as they all differ in style and genre combination, giving each and everyone the opportunity to find the right match. The thriller genre is well represented on Amazon Prime. At the very least, writer-director Steven Knight has created one of the most unpredictable movies in years. Truly an incredible achievement and one that will stay with you for days afterward. That was the rumor, anyway, at the time to why it was cancelled. The mood of terror brilliantly created by the director Jonathan Demme coupled with solid performances by Sir Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster has made this film an everlasting part of cinema folklore. Her husband thinks that all of this is due to stress and takes her to an isolated cottage to help her let off the steam. The story centers around Foster’s character, Clarice Starling, who goes to visit the cannibalistic serial killer Dr. Hannibal Lecter for advice on a case of serial killing that she is pursuing. It's a topical film for our times and one that speaks volumes about the top levels of power in this country and what measures they are willing to take to bury information that reflects negatively on their abilities to protect our country. Karloff as the host of and the original Thriller were wonderful. He is employed by Elliot Graham, a billionaire who had employed Joe’s mother, as well. A film by the acclaimed Safdie brothers, ‘Good Time’ is the story of a robber called Connie and his brother Nick as the two of them go out in New York at night in order to take down an easy score. The fact that he is a hired hitman who delivers death in the most brutal of ways adds an unsettled and electric energy to this film. The List of 10 movies with thrill and suspense elements... Overlord Overlord is also a 2018 suspense thriller american film released on… As Vail goes deeper into the layers of the situation, trying to find ways to prove his client’s innocent, he comes across some staggering revelations. So, take that popcorn and get ready to spend two hours on the edge of your seats. There are no specifics about the job, just that the actress would need to be immediately available. Amazon Prime has such a deep stable of thrillers in its library that choosing one to watch when you're in the mood for a thriller can be an overwhelming and daunting task. Steven Soderbergh and psychological horror are a natural fit, especially with the added element of experimentation that comes with shooting a whole damn film on a phone. Movies Lists Amazon Prime Out of any potential category of movie available to stream on Amazon Prime, the “thriller” may be the most elusive, mostly because it covers so much ground and Amazon … As Harry continues to pursue them, a memory from a previous case keeps haunting him. -- Haleigh Foutch, Cast: Jovan Adepo, Wyatt Russell, Mathilde Olivier, Pilou Asbaek, Bokeem Woodbine and Iain De Caestecker, Overlord was one of the biggest surprises of 2018. But Serenity is so much weirder than this, and to say why would spoil the fun. Martin Vail is a successful defense attorney. Tae-sik, fearing the worst, employs all the expertise and weapons in his arsenal to save the young girl and make those responsible for her possible death pay. Harry is as an elderly shut-in who plays chess in the local bar with his friend Leonard (David Bradley) and cares for his wife who is dying in a local hospital. Initially presented as a World War II film, director Julius Avery pulled off a brilliant switcheroo on unsuspecting audiences and treated them to a grindhouse horror instead. If you are a Prime Video member, you must have had the difficulty of wondering what to watch among the vast library of content the service offers. But, as she moves on and a new family moves into the house, he feels confused about his new state. Read More: Sexiest Movies on Amazon Prime. He is convicted and on the advice of his lawyer, Harlon takes a plea deal. A great thriller … -- Haleigh Foutch, Cast: Joaquin Phoenix, Judith Roberts, Ekaterina Samsonov, Alessandro Nivola, and John Doman, Director Lynne Ramsay directs this powerhouse of a film that features Joaquin Phoenix as Joe, a grizzled veteran of the Gulf War who's lost in a world of hallucinations brought on by a tormented past. A psychological erotic thriller by acclaimed filmmaker Park Chan-wook, ‘The Handmaiden’ is set during the time when Japan was under Korean occupation. Joe gets hired to find Nina (Ekaterina Samsonov), a 13-year-old innocent daughter of a New York senator who is about to be sold into teen sexual slavery...or is she? 5 thriller shows and movies on Amazon Prime Video that released in 2020 Breathe: Into The Shadow Featuring: Abhishek Bachchan, Amit Sadh, Saiyami Kher, Nithya Menon He is, then, picked up by the chauffeur of his doppelganger and is taken to his home where he discovers the lavish life that is not his. Beautifully filmed and brilliantly acted, ‘Good Time’ tells us why the acclaim the Safdie brothers received in their careers has been so well-deserved. The police chief of the town doesn’t trust her owing to her past and tries to drive her out of town. This gritty action thriller from director and Academy Award nominee Daniel Barber, stars Caine as the titular character. Thriller is a genre of entertainment that's meant to provoke a physical response in the viewer. The Best Thrillers to Watch on Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, and More. The channel library is filled with a huge number of web series and movies related to various genres such as thriller, mystery, comedy, drama, fantasy, etc. The film is suspenseful from the beginning to the very end and the shocking climax will make you realize why ‘The Conversation’ is considered one of the greatest thrillers of American cinema. Amazon Prime has one of the best libraries of films out there, and while many fans may flock to the service in search of hot new releases or beloved classics, there’s also a variety of great hidden gems. You may see Serenity and absolutely hate it, but if you’re willing to go along for the crazy ride, you might end up having a blast. Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Adapted Screenplay. She is in a dire need of a job because she is behind on her rent and other bills. Unsane is an up-close panic attack assault that uses the intimacy of an iPhone to tap into centuries of female oppression and transform it into the kind of psychological thriller that gets way too deep under your skin. Their huge library includes classics like Diabolique, Inferno, and Lynch’s Blue Velvet, but also recent hits like You Were Never Really Here. On the morning of the 8th of June, 1995, the body of young Caroline Byrne was found on the base of a cliff that was infamous as a suicide point. The apartment complex he lives in is overrun by some brutal gangsters and drug dealers who care nothing about killing others to get what they want or for fun. The great thrillers also veer into the categories of mysteries, action-adventure, horror, sci-fi, spy films, and both noir and neo-noir. Club has written critically about the movie; and (3) if it was a graded review, it received at least a “B.” Some newer (and much older) movies will be added over time as Amazon Prime announces new additions to their library.