As a result when Mistress Mugan of the Garnet Palace comes to the Jade Palace to seek a new warrior to train, Tigress decides to take her up on her offer, and explains to Po that the Jade Palace has changed and she feels she would be better off training at the Garnet Palace despite his attempts to persuade her, with her countering that he spent the other day teaching monkey how to make armpit farts as an example of how the five had become distracted from Kung Fu training. Shen mocked them for their sadness over the "death" of Po and bragged about how he would kill them and their "precious kung fu" upon reaching the harbor; Tigress snarled back, but was unable to resist in any way. This is shown near the end of the first film where she politely helped some young villagers evacuate the Valley, and in Kung Fu Panda Holiday, where Tigress playfully helped to feed a young toddler piglet during the Winter Feast. The diminutive red panda stopped her, saying that if he hadn't made the panda quit by the next morning, then it was he who failed his students. Hey, guys! 13 talking about this. Will they set aside their differences, and become more than good friends? She is generally friendly, but the least sociable of the Five, and can be very intimidating at times due to her incredibly serious and direct demeanor. Po finally admitted how he remembered that Shen was present the night his biological parents abandoned him, and he needed Shen to tell him what happened despite all odds thrown against him while finally commenting that Tigress wouldn't understand due to her being too hardcore. This version is an enemy of Spy Smasher. The yin and yang of the “dragon warrior” that works together in balance to succeed. When Po commented on his slight envy over Tigress' "hardcore" ability to ignore emotional pain, Tigress was taken aback. Also, in "Sight for Sore Eyes", Viper says that everyone except Tigress is smiling, but Tigress says that she is smiling, since her "happy face" matches her generic expression. Tigress and the others of the Furious Five were first seen in the Jade Palace's Training Hall encouraging and supporting Po in his endeavor to stuff forty bean buns into his mouth, something she would normally have grimaced at or refused to take part of before. This version is an enemy of Spy Smasher. She was perhaps the most astonished when Po revealed himself to be alive and rescued her and the rest of the Five. Master Tigress is a warrior under the Tiger Style of Kung Fu. Near the end of the film, after Shen was defeated, Po hugged Tigress after she complimented his heroic actions as "pretty hardcore". She has little fear in her heart, and can certainly inflict fear in other's hearts with her ferocity. He cares about it and we've seen Tigress and Monkey's reactions. While Po's immaturity, clumsiness and habit for hasty decisions is still very much an irritant, she has come to realize that he is a resourceful warrior who truly deserves to be the Dragon Warrior. In "A Tigress Tale", Tigress becomes annoyed by Po's presence as it distracts her and the five from training. Unimpressed, they were about to leave when Po drew attention to the sarcophagus that held Su Wu of the Wu Sisters. She and the others managed to fight their way along Shen's fleet with the assistance of Croc and Ox, who were freed and accompanied by Shifu. Create New Account. Dizzy Bee Boutique. I think I watched some of WatsUpMeg videos and they inspired me for this. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Tigress' battle weakness is located in her armpits. Tigress also demonstrates unwavering loyalty towards Po, as well as being very protective over him, doing whatever she can to pull him out of danger. Deciding to go back, they discovered that Po had fought Tai Lung and defeated him with the legendary Wuxi Finger Hold. See more of Po and Tigress on Facebook. Tigress and Mantis inside the Jade Palace observing Po. Po and Tigress: (eyes begin to wide) (hearing the knocks from outside the doors) (heartbeat raising to, i don't know, loud as a gong being slammed thousand time) chasejackson-fan liked this . Tigress approached him in a serious but friendly manner and inquired as to what was really troubling him. Voiced by In the end, once she remembered how she felt and what Shifu did for her as a child, she felt bittersweet when he went back home with his mother, and promised to visit him.[8]. In the first film, Tigress insists on fighting and defeating, Tigress' favorite food has been noted to be. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends, Kung Fu Panda: It's Elemental and Other Stories, - "Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness Characters: Tigress",, There is content missing from this section. After traveling to the Training Hall, she and the other members of the Furious Five are noticeably shocked when Shifu announces that he will be teaching his last class, and even more startled when Shifu states that training will now be in the hands of the Dragon Warrior. Po & Tigress/ My edit ️ Kung fu Panda - Secrets of the Scroll. Zoe Spillers. However, Po had run away in fear of his upcoming challenge, and she secretly followed Shifu when he chased after him to bring him back. She is the master of the Tiger style of kung fu, the adoptive daughter of Shifu, and the adoptive younger sister of Tai Lung. This is shown during the first film while she was telling Po about Shifu's past with Tai Lung and herself, as she had mistaken Po's sudden facial expression into thinking that he was making fun of her. Po and Tigress stay at the Jade Palace, while Master Shifu and the rest of the Furious Five are on a mission. Tigress was shocked and did not react, but she watched the fireworks with Po and others with a smile on her face, showing that she wasn't angered by Po's attempt to come emotionally close to her. [8] As the years passed, Tigress strove to gain Shifu's approval by bettering herself in kung fu and becoming a strong and dedicated student. After defeating several boar bandits, Tigress and the other Five were shocked to find out that Po was going to be hosting the Winter Feast dinner at the Jade Palace. Hey Tigress I love You too Said Po. The next day, Shifu informed Po and the Five of Master Thundering Rhino's death at the hands of Lord Shen, and tasked them with traveling to Gongmen City to destroy the weapon responsible — one that he described as being able to "breathe fire and spit metal". Master Mugan. Taking advantage of their unpreparedness, Tai Lung used a technique that Shifu hadn't taught them: chi blocking. Tigress fell into her role as leader and began to lead the evacuation in spite of her sadness. It appeared that Oogway was about to point at her — until a fat panda named Po seemingly fell out of the sky and landed right in front of Oogway's pointing claw. Log In. Tigress begins her training the Garnet Palace but finds she is unable to impress Mugan and begins to miss the Jade Palace. When Po seemingly "died" from Lord Shen's cannon, Tigress was seen chained with the others and hanging across a boat, with Monkey being the only one to hold up a fighting spirit and turn to her for support, saying Po would want them to be strong, resulting in nothing but an expression of sorrow from Tigress. Before they fought, Po jumped in out of nowhere and accidentally landed on them, much to their chagrin. However, after Po is accepted by, and begins to really integrate with the Five, his general levity seems to cause Tigress to lighten up and become more playful. Even with his size he was able to defeat Tai Lung and had become the Dragon Warrior. With Tigress as his partner, their relationship becomes stronger than either of them could've expected. While Po received acupuncture from Mantis and Viper, Tigress confided to Po the story of Tai Lung and Shifu's role in his life, while also hinting at her own past; that she had never received the same love that Shifu once showed for Tai Lung. Series Tigress telling Po the story of Tai Lung and herself. Tigress begain to rub her Paw on Po's Soulder And She also begins to purr. Acceptable Targets: Fatness is still an acceptable target even though Po, as a panda, is a fat creature, so to speak.Po himself has made jokes about Monkey's cheeks looking jowly. (Repost from my other fanfic site.) However, Po's strength seems to not match with other kung fu masters (like Tigress). Though she was highly reluctant, the experience brought back memories of her childhood, and Tigress slowly warmed up to Zan. I know I haven’t been on here for a while. Tigress and the other Five performing at the Dragon Warrior Tournament. Fun Activity for Kids Toddlers and Children! Young Tigress showing her new and improved skill. He walked over to them as Po grabbed a chair and sat in front of her feet. With the Furious Five expecting her to head off to "work out" again, she corrects by throwing up while walking away. PO: Tigress, why must you always look so grumpy and serious? After being slightly amused to see Po's action figures of herself and the rest of the Five and motioning for Monkey to quit mocking Po, Tigress saw the goose was worried and assured him that Po would soon return before she left with the others. Upon opening it, Po relayed a most surprising bit of information: the legendary scroll, thought to endow the Dragon Warrior with unlimited power, was blank. You can help by. Residence Tigress and the rest of the Five understood Po's decision, recalling common holiday traditions they enjoyed in the past, and they joined Po at the Noodle Shop. Po defeats the villain. She decided to try to stop Tai Lung herself, immediately setting out on her own. There she overheard Po admitting his own lack of confidence, seeing neither he nor her master had a solution on just how Po could possibly defeat Tai Lung. Proud of herself, she asks Kai "How's that for a little kitten?" Master(s) sox-rok68 liked this . Her fellow comrades understand her strength and power and revere her as their unofficial leader, shown mainly in the both films when they quickly obey any commands she gives them. PO: M-master *gasp* Shifu *heavy breathing* wants to see you. Tigress is theleader of the Furious Five and one of the 2 deuteragonists of the Kung Fu Panda franchise. 4:59. In turn, her dedication to emotional control has been challenged in the series, and her personality and way of doing things has tended to clash with Po's. Tigress was left at the doorstep of the Bao Gu Orphanage for unknown reasons by her biological parents when she was an infant. Tigress, Po, and rest of the Furious Five defending Artisan Village. Haha. As she looks after him sadly, the scene fades into the now adult Tigress, still baring the same sad look for a moment before covering it up with her usual severity. The old master dismissed Tigress and Mantis, but kept Po behind to fix the hole in the roof he made while breaking into the Palace. The traditional Tiger fighting style is powerful, strong, firm, and aggressive—and adding a bit of Wushu-like acrobatic flair to the mix, Tigress is a warrior to be feared and admired. Personal Blog. He proclaimed the panda as the Dragon Warrior — much to Tigress' and Shifu's horror, and as Po was carried off to the Jade Palace, Tigress apologized to Shifu for failing him. Oveland X — Po & Tigress/ My edit ️ Kung fu Panda - Secrets... 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. As her new master, and possibly the only person unafraid of her and who hadn't regarded her as a monster, she was always eager to please him. This causes Po to become insecure about his gift and take a bounty hunting job to earn the money for a "proper" gift, triggering the episode's events. Both po and tigress have simmilar backgrounds both were orphans and both were taken in by someone po by mr. ping and tigress by master shifu. Later, she is seen fighting alongside Po, Shifu, and the Furious Five to try and distract the jombies that Kai sent to find Oogway's students. Deducting an escape route, Tigress led the others to safety by scaling the outside of the falling tower and springing off it over the wall bordering the palace grounds. 7. While rescuing Master Storming Ox and Master Croc from Gongmen Jail, Tigress was able to intimidate Master Croc without even trying to, demonstrated by Croc's visible nervousness and desire to return to his cell to get away from her, although Tigress was not displaying any signs of hostility. Affter the … You can help by. Also known as And Prince Zen was an unfortunate (and annoying) accident. Young Tigress displaying her mastery of her strength and temper. 4. Cloudflare Ray ID: 60cc3ff71b4b0eaf This shows that Shifu possibly wasn't always bitter towards Tigress while she grew up in the palace. When Tigress was very young, she was taken in by Shifu. One of Tigress' famous moves, for example, is the "Tahlia Leap", which she uses against Tai Lung in the first film and in Kung Fu Panda Holiday to help Po with place settings and some minor decorations for the formal Winter Feast dinner. Just look at this majestic son of a beast .  •  Unnamed biological parents •  Shifu (adoptive father) •  Tai Lung (adopted brother) •  Shirong (adoptive grandfather) She immediately alerted Po of the matter while also telling him not to take any snack stops, and the six set out to the village to fight off the bandits. Shifu had helped teach her how to control this temper since then, but she still occasionally loses control. Tigress (Quality Universe) An unknown woman dubbed The Tigress or Tiger Lady appears in Blackhawk #11 (June, 1946). In many scenes of the first film in which the other four of the Furious Five and/or Po were joking or having fun, Tigress would often remain quiet and withdrawn. She now fights alongside Po as a loyal friend and ally. At first, Tigress couldn't place the dominoes correctly, often breaking the fragile wooden tiles in her grip, which frustrated her. Both po and tigress have simmilar backgrounds both were orphans and both were taken in by someone po by mr. ping and tigress by master shifu. In Kung Fu Panda 2, Tigress has come to accept Po as a friend and fellow warrior, whilst his easygoing manner has rubbed off on her slightly, causing her to interact with him in a more casual and lighthearted manner. Tigress and rest of the Five leaving Po behind. The idea of there being some kind of potential romance between the two has been explored for comedic effect throughout the series. See more ideas about po and tigress, kung fu panda, kung fu. Tigress wears a silver vest with red vine patterns, a red Shaolin waist wrap, and dark brown silk pants as opposed to her usual black. See more ideas about po and tigress, kung fu panda, kung fu. Consequentially, both Kung Fu and her master's approval form a very large part of Tigress' self worth, which both the films and series occasionally imply she struggles with. Still Po kept his eyes on Tigress but one fateful day Tigress had to show some fan girls just who Po truly belonged with. For example, Mantis slowly crawled away when Tigress began walking into Po's room while the panda was telling them about his knowledge of Tai Lung. In the context of Legends of Awesomeness, Po could marry Tigress. I just HAD to write about these two.