What is the temperature like outside? Who was trying on a pair of trousers and a shirt in the most expensive shop of the shopping centre? There has also been a party after the religious celebration. 9788808488558 spiazzi marina, tavella marina, layton margaret performer b1 updated - volume one (ldm) with new preliminary tutor - 2ed. Maybe I won’t be able to do everything but I’m going to try, A 9, B 10, C 3, D 8, E 4, F 5, G 2, H 1, I 6, J 7. I’m nervous. His car is very old. Aisha: She’s collecting eggs while her brothers are fishing. Con espansione online. Each student of my class passed the test yesterday. 9788808488558 spiazzi marina, tavella marina, layton margaret performer b1 updated - volume one (ldm) with new preliminary tutor - 2ed. No, she hasn’t. Rebecca: She likes the quiet of the park and the open air. He hopes he will make a career in medicine. Jeans are popular because they make no distinction between classes, sexes and age groups. Nigeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Syria have the highest number of child labourers aged 5-17. Emily and Brian, have you ever slept in a tent? They will know the exam results next week. She has won several prizes as best actress and has acted in different film genres. Brian is seeing the dentist at 6.30 p.m. on Thursday. It plays a part in a system for riders’ training and instruction. You had to take either the 38 or the 42 bus to get to the town centre. Q8 Wood and stone. I’ve never had the opportunity to listen to folk music before. This is my friend Jane. Short answers: Yes, I/you/he/she/it/we/they will. Yes, she did, because attending such a wide variety of classes helped her decide what subjects to take to achieve her Victorian Certificate of Education. The disadvantage is that the reader sees and knows only what the narrator sees and knows, so his/ her point of view is restricted, History of Art 1, Geography 5, History 8, IT (Information Technology) 11, Foreign languages 7, Mathematics/Maths (Geometry, Algebra) 6, Drama 2, Business studies / Economics 3, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) 4, Music 10, PE (Physical Education) 9, Evie is flying to Italy to attend school there as an exchange student. / You’re not being serious! There are lots of fascinating places in Europe but few are as interesting as Pompeii. She wants to hit him over his head with a book, bomber jackets - short black leather jackets, loads of stuff - lots of different things, rels - common abbreviation for ‘relatives’, Brill! No, there isn’t. Go on and I’ll join you later. Tereshkova was interested in parachute jumping. Misunderstandings, loss of opportunities, and sometimes violence. They are now precious museum pieces. We have never watched a foreign film with subtitles. There are eggs, yoghurt and cinnamon muffins. She thinks it is the perfect way to go abroad, maybe even to a faraway destination such as the Caribbean or Alaska. Brian is babysitting his little brother late in the afternoon on Wednesday. Formula One is such a fast and exhilarating sport! The man is looking at the unicorn and smiling; the unicorn is eating the flowers in the garden, A man, who is sitting and having breakfast (line 1); his wife is sleeping (line 5); It’s eating roses (line 7); he is browsing among the tulips (line 12); The unicorn is eating a lily (lines 17-18); I’m sending you to a mental hospital (lines 19-20); a unicorn eating a lily in our garden (lines 38-39); she is screaming (line 55); The husband is now living a happy life (lines 56-57), bread 13, carrots 1, milk 15, biscuits 23, potatoes 12, fish 17, onions 5, chicken 18, lamb 19, olive oil 22, cheese 14, rice 10, beans 20, yoghurt 16, grapes 4, sweets 25, crisps 24, spinach 6, cereal 9, cucumber 3, lettuce 2, butter 21, strawberries 8, pears 7, flour 11, Tomatoes. Coffee in England is less strong than / not as strong as in Italy. Yes, I have. I’ve seen the latest Star Wars blockbuster three times, and last month I saw Blade Runner 2049. Steve: Hi, Jack! We’ve recently seen a wonderful mixture of genres like horror, fantasy and musicals in our school cinema club. From going to the cinema with a group of friends to sitting at home in front of a laptop, teenagers have made films one of the most important parts of their entertainment. Jennifer doesn’t play video games in the evening. ‘Where is my backpack?’ ‘Look at it: it’s under the chair.’. Fog and thunderstorms are forecast for this afternoon.’ ‘Are you joking/ kidding? It is investing approximately $200 million over five years to ensure the Great Barrier Reef continues to improve and to be a natural wonder for future generations, F, To create space for cattle and soybean production, F, It is the acronym for World Wide Fund for Nature, F, It promotes both solutions for wildlife protection and sustainable use of natural resources to preserve the natural habitat. mph, because he wants to show the hitchhiker how fast he can go. She orders a chicken wrap with a light dressing. People won’t drive petrol and diesel cars in the UK after 2040. Yes, I have. The boy is buying a helmet, a pair of trainers, a T-shirt. Have you ever met a famous film director? I’ll also need to book the hotels. They are nineteen pounds and ninety-eight pence. updated - volume unico (ldm) u zanichelli editore 24,00 no si no 1 b liceo musicale - sez. She was wearing long T-shirts with wide belts and leggings, lots of necklaces and bracelets, and very long earrings! I may get travel insurance for my next trip to London. The UK is less large / smaller than Italy. Film: subtitles, soundtrack, film review, box office, blockbuster, backstage. ‘What are you doing?’ ‘I’m playing a new video game. You’re a true friend. What about frisbee? Some seafood, some types of meat - like chicken and pork - and vegetables. Both Bob and Steve wanted to know the winner of the yesterday’s race. By the mid-1930s, department stores were selling Levi’s jeans in the women’s section. I’m afraid Jack may be late. The bank is on the corner of Fleet Street. When my brother and I were children, we often walked to the park on Sunday morning. If you haven’t got any cucumbers, let’s buy some! Did your father’s clothes fit you? I don’t get regular exercise because I hate sports. Teacher's Guide and Tests volume one Updated- with New Preliminary Tutor Pag. He lost some marks on the test but he passed anyway. Women do not wear trousers (nor trouser-suits). They loved the evening, they didn’t return home until the early hours and enjoyed everything. Meg and Paul are such lovely people! / Your grandfather and fatherin-law were both very generous. Acquista online su Amazon 22,80 € Acquista. Look at that picture, don’t you think it looks beautiful? The book is better than the film version. We’re going to be late and we may miss the flight. The most important rites of passage have always been linked with death, but also with other stepping stones like birth and youth. The Australian government responded to the recommendations of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee and released the Reef 2050 LongTerm Sustainability Plan in March 2015 to protect and manage the reef until 2050. Yes, there is. I’m sorry. When is Brian joining the rugby team? My family might travel to … next December. When I got to the party, everyone was wearing fancy dress except me! F, They mustn’t move when they receive the ball, F, It is for those who can calm the mind and think about breathing. Updated with new preliminary tutor. Has Molly got green eyes? informatica 9788829840229 gallo piero, sirsi p informatica app 1° biennio volume unico u b minerva italica 25.50 no si no inglese 9788808488558 spiazzi marina, tavella marina, layton margaret performer b1 updated - volume one (ldm) with new preliminary tutor - 2ed. What are you worried about? She enjoys/likes/loves playing badminton. Levi Strauss was selling his goods in California when the miners asked him for durable work trousers. He gives the animal a lily and it eats it. Tom loves playing rugby on Sunday afternoon. No, I’ve never bought a silk blouse. Did you hear the weather forecast this morning? No, it’s mine. While they are parked, solar panels on the vehicle roof will generate electricity. She suggests looking at some sites online. Tom often chats with friends on the phone, F, It is in the South-East of England on the River Thames, F, It shows macabre events in London’s history, F, It is a free national museum of modern and contemporary art in London, F, Its main characteristic is that it is an open-air theatre, F, He uses computer modelling to study inhibitors that can prevent viral replication, F, His studies are interesting for scientists who develop new vaccines. We always want to score goals and win the match. I’m sure you’ll get along with your girlfriend again and everything will be fine soon. Yamaha also plans to support the Academy by contributing to the riders’ education process. 1 spiazzi marina, tavella marina, layton margaret zanichelli editore 2019 9788808488558 € 24.00 n s s lingua e letteratura ital alberi infiniti v a 1 damele simonetta, franzi tiziano loescher editore 2017 9788858326909 € 18.65 n s s lingua e letteratura ital Adam practised it. It’s the first time (that) I’ve seen you angry. How many tourists are going to visit the city with a guide? Ninety members of a non-profit organisation of journalists and photographers, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, choose the Globes. When she began preparations for her Atlantic crossing she met her future husband, George Putnam. Sean: He’s cycling around the villages and he’s also canoeing on the river. We were on our way home when we saw an accident. They promise. I like working out at the gym and watching football on TV. A It connects two or more positive alternatives. My mother usually sets the alarm clock at 7.30. These will be small enough to park in perpendicular spaces, doubling parking places in cities. Has Thomas got a wallet? We climbed up the hill to have the best view. ‘What do you do in your free time?’ ‘I usually chat on social networks, I play football and I generally watch TV in the evening.’, ‘Do you always sleep eight hours a night?’ ‘No, I don’t because I go to bed late.’. Verbs: to star (in a film), to play the role of / to play the part of, to be a hit / to be a success, to film / to shoot, to perform. He has got a fantastic smile! No, he isn’t. What do you like doing at weekends / in your free time? / Oscar and Lucinda were both in my class. / It’s 300 metres long. Shop manager: Do you have any experience as a shop assistant? There are 24 awards, but the Oscars only focus on films and have separate categories for writing, soundtrack, cinematography and screenplay. You can only have either strawberry or chocolate ice cream. Do you know where he is? Joshua, have you ever had a call from your Swiss uncle? The custom of a pumpkin lantern at Halloween came from Irish folklore. inglese 9788808488558 spiazzi marina, tavella marina, layton margaret performer b1 updated - volume one (ldm) with new preliminary tutor - 2ed. Its primary role is to develop the motivation of young riders. Jamie: I know that you play the piano and are into classical music. I’m listening to music in my bedroom. He’ll build electrical equipment. That girl was wearing a necklace, four bracelets, long earrings and a lot of rings when she arrived at the party. / Yes, he/she/it has. There are thunderstorms forecast for the afternoon. Other characters are: the children who play in the garden (they are happy and joyful when they can play), the little child who becomes the Giant’s favourite, the personifications of the elements of nature - the Snow and the Frost, who are pleased with winter, the North Wind, who is wrapped in furs, and the Hail, who breaks the slates on the roof, Student’s activity. They’re going to have a holiday in the Caribbean. Reason for travelling: visit Japan and discover Japanese efficient trains. The man sounds excited, the woman thinks he is a booby. Performer B1 Confezione volume one + Starter Updated- with New Preliminary Tutor. David: I’m going to book a direct flight to San Francisco. Is Ruth waiting for the bus near her school? But I mustn’t just think about the past. We love Christmas and Easter in my family. I had incredibly interesting stuff to wear: an old necklace, earrings that matched perfectly, a beautiful belt and a handbag of the same colour. Both Oscar and Lucinda were in my class. Rosie enjoys netball and gymnastics, and Sam plays table tennis at school. He is wearing a greyish-coloured jacket with enormous pockets, The driver of the car narrates the story in the first person. They are going to take between 20 and 23 kilograms per person so that the ship’s crew can handle it safely, Are your parents going to travel, aren’t, are going to fly, board: boat, ferry, helicopter, aeroplane, train. They are 65p each. I’m not as/so fascinated by nature as Helen. In the past, you didn’t have to whisper in someone’s ears in front of others and you mustn’t today as well. inglese 9788808488558 spiazzi marina / tavella marina / layton margaret performer b1 updated - volume one (ldm) / with new preliminary tutor - 2ed. Decide time limits (beginning and end of work). Performer B1. Yesterday evening I attended a lecture about amazing events from all over the world. You can’t buy both the smartphone and the tablet, they are too expensive. Sheila doesn’t like driving fast cars but Bill likes/ enjoys it. I’d like it in a bright colour. Who is going to watch a cartoon on TV? Peter’s sisters’ / sister’s telephone number is 0771 345 6825, Daniel’s children were very tired after a two hours’ walk. O, What do you know about hurricane Harvey? I begin every school year full of good intentions. Italy has fewer islands than the UK, extreme weather conditions, Eastern cultures, meteorologist, deserted place, hates the heat. No, there aren’t. The owner of Star Wars is The Walt Disney Corporation. They needn’t fit in with their parents’ lifestyle: they can now meet mates whenever and wherever they like. You must love your partner unconditionally. Then she began/started to work in a factory. I don’t want to eat it. He’s joining the rugby team in October, ‘Oh no, I dropped my ticket!’ ‘Don’t worry I’ll pick it up for you.’. Let’s give it a go. People must learn to share and be kind to others. She can delete them, if she likes. She wore it so elegantly and it fitted her perfectly. I can’t stand / hate / dislike / don’t like doing athletics. Jack was cleaning his car yesterday at 9 a.m. Mrs Cook was selling her goods on the street market. Updated with new preliminary tutor. We read about raining fish in our lesson this morning, but could it really happen? Women wear toga-inspired clothes wrapped around their bodies. I love playing tennis, but I can’t stand playing rugby. He wasn’t a static character. Have you heard the soundtrack of the latest Disney cartoon? Jane, have you ever bought a silk blouse? It’s breakfast, A 2/7, B 5, C 1, D 8, E 3, F 4, G 2/7, H 6, saw, kept, took, bought, became, met, got, took off, thought, set off, made, heard, began, built. The place we visited last week is more interesting than this place. The clocks, the telephone, the dog, the pianos and the drum. Collecting old dishes and throwing them at their friends’ front door is a sign of friendship for the coming year for the Danes. Why didn’t you join us for the Carnival party? He’s attending a Drama course that starts in September and he’s also joining the rugby team. Using a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, and gradually improving children’s menus, is that man standing, ’s trying, ’s waiting. / No, I/you/he/she/it/we/they won’t. We use the present perfect when we refer to actions that happened at an unspecified time in the past. Owen and Brad are teenagers: the former is 13, the latter is 15. So you couldn’t see the leather bomber from the baseball team my uncle gave me to match my father’s trousers. ‘What sports equipment do you use when you play volleyball?’ ‘I usually use volleyball shorts, a T-shirt, knee pads, socks and volleyball shoes.’. My Geography teacher is going to be very happy. Who are the Smiths having dinner with tonight? championship: a championship isn’t a single sports event like the others, it implies several of the others in an elimination competition with a final; ride: riding doesn’t involve a ball like the other verbs; C − Matt enjoys playing football in the river. Because you can start building good habits and avoiding bad ones. Video su situazioni comunicative di vita quotidiana, lessico e civiltà che possono essere usati con il metodo della … How much is a sofa? It was beautiful to see grandparents with their grandchildren. She arrived on horseback from Buckingham Palace with her personal Household Cavalry. We have to have rules about behaviour in school, at home and in all our relationships. Which of the sentences use the present simple and which use the present continuous? Will you stay in a hotel or a campsite? Have they got a computer on their desk? When do you use the present perfect and when do you use the past simple? Shop assistant: Good morning, can I help you? We might not drive a car anymore. Yes, my home is not far from the town centre. My lessons start next Monday at 8.20 a.m. I’m attending a drama course that starts in September. Did our grandparents live in a big city before moving to the country? Because our culture is unconscious to us. Student's book-Workbook. We love watching a volleyball match on TV. Steve feels a bit stressed because of schoolwork. It’s the first time I have seen a musical. 9/7/1985: the ninth of July nineteen eighty-five, 22/8/2016: the twenty-second of August two thousand sixteen, 1/2/1815: the first of February eighteen fifteen, 3/4/1764: the third of April seventeen sixty-four, 11/12/2007: the eleventh of December two thousand and seven, 20/5/1990: the twentieth of May nineteen ninety. ‘How are you going to travel / will you travel to reach your destination?’ ‘We are going to take / We will take a train and then we will probably go to the hotel by taxi.’. They are followed by the -ing form of the verb. The little boy was the symbol of Jesus Christ (see the marks of nails on his hands and feet) who came into the world as a little child. I hope they’ll play the song Rather Be. Because they may have to check out early in the morning. Kevin: That’s a great idea but I can’t come because I have a football match. We are going to transfer from the ship to the plane early in the morning. The Po is longer than the Severn. A life without love is like a world without light. I consider him a really unique person. Janet did her make-up beautifully for the party. It is going to include all of their transfers as well as breakfast and all taxes and services. Affirmative: Subject + ’ll (will) + base form of the verb, Negative: Subject + won’t (will not) + base form of the verb, Interrogative: Will + subject + base form of the verb. - unfair, boring, awful, dreadful, slow, unlucky. I haven’t got good marks at school lately. She’s packing because she’s leaving for Italy to study there. The hero has become a star. You can come to the sports centre this afternoon for a game of football. Three Canadian relatives of Cathy’s arrived yesterday, F They open their gifts on Christmas afternoon, F There were roast turkey with vegetables and pudding with cream as dessert on Christmas at midday. Roma Venduto da Shawom Khan 20,00 € Contatta. The students stood up when the new teacher came in. Jennifer: Good morning, I’m looking for a new cover for my mobile phone. A healthy diet contains the right amounts of carbohydrates and proteins. It is Jamie Oliver’s campaign to ban junk food in schools. His eyes are dark and quick and clever. The camera has captured the facial expressions of the actors in an impressive way. there is also a white and pink cap above the baseball glove and shorts); there is only one green tennis ball under the baseball shorts. Andy: He’s talking on the phone and writing a paragraph about his room for homework. They find it easy to spend money on others. The students have got less homework to do than last week. Jennifer: The red one is fine. How much are five apples? It started over 300 years ago. They have made an amazing sci-fi film recently. Two acts of kindness: carrying a woman’s heavy bags and sharing his/her sandwich with a classmate. ‘Have they booked the tickets for the play yet?’ ‘Yes, they have already bought them.’. ‘What is the weather like today in London?’ ‘It’s pouring and it’s freezing cold but it isn’t as/ so windy as yesterday / it’s less windy than yesterday. Where do already and just go in the sentence? My classmate has got a new house with a big garden. Shall I give you a hand to organise the trip? What do Mark and Sally rarely eat during the day? Do you like it? They are £10.90 each. My father works hard and never has a holiday. It also celebrates the sovereign’s official birthday in June and takes place on a Saturday in Horse Guards Parade, next to St James’s Park. He promises that they can leave if Rachel gets bored, a downer – a negative person / a pessimist. ‘Do you have any luggage?’ ‘No, I don’t.’. During their school day they study subjects like English and Maths and meet their friends after the lessons. I go to work with my friend at about 8 o’clock. Rugby is so violent that I never watch this sport on TV. It is an annual ceremony in London where different regiments from the British and Commonwealth armies march past the Queen. ‘Did the first chocolate eggs appear in Italy?’ ‘No, they arrived from France and Germany and they were both hard and bitter.’. He drank some juice and then he ate a few chips. Our neighbours’ children sang all night last Saturday. Last month I celebrated my birthday with my parents and relatives.’, ‘I can’t remember many things about my childhood, but I remember I often played with my aunt.’ ‘Did she love you?’ ‘Yes, she liked hugging me and having fun with me.’. I fall asleep at 10 in the evening because I’m generally very tired. I don’t normally drink coffee, but I sometimes have it after lunch. Jamie: I’d love to. The women had smart dresses and the men were wearing suits and ties. She used it for a project of hers. He’s gone to the seaside on holiday.’, ‘Where have you been?’ ‘I was talking to my tutor. ‘Do you like reading novels?’ ‘No, I hate reading.’. Last night at this time, I was driving back from the centre of Glasgow when it started to snow. Suggested answer: baggy trousers, short-sleeved shirt, long-sleeved blouse, old-fashioned hat, casual jumper, smart suit, trendy handbag, tight skirt, sleeveless dress, To form the past continuous, we use the present simple / past simple of the verb be + the base form / -ing form of the main verb, E-commerce is all about using the Internet to buy and sell goods better and faster, Race, nationality, language; religion; clothes; food, boat 3, bus 7, car 11, ferry 5, helicopter 10, lorry 6, taxi 1, bicycle (bike) 12, train 2, underground 8, aeroplane 9, motorbike 4, Hitchhiker: someone who stands by the side of the road asking for free rides from vehicles passing by, New; a big BMW 3.3 Li; top speed of 129 mph; terrific acceleration; pale blue body; dark blue leather seats; electrically operated windows; the radio aerial popped up when switching on the radio and disappeared when switching it off; not cheap; fancy, He is a small ratty-faced man with grey teeth. Then at 16 we choose again and this time we choose just three or four subjects connected with what we will want to do after we leave, The picture introduces the problem of the lack of education. I wouldn’t like to live in a two-storey house. The young woman is buying a loaf of bread, In the picture there are a man and an animal, a unicorn, in a garden. Disadvantages: Teachers get angry if you don’t submit work in time, Teachers get angry if you are usually late for school, You experience stress, You have a bad reputation, You have difficulties in relationships, You always depend on your mates for notes or updates, You have no time for hobbies. They are not so good because they don’t plan ahead. She studied English, Mathematics, Science, History, Italian as a foreign language, PE, Drama and Dance. Yes, it is. Disponibile in 5 gg lavorativi € 24,20. What did your brother drink for breakfast? Lucy: Didn’t you receive any presents from your classmates at least? The people at the next levels think that cultural diversity can create new alternatives and solutions. I blew out the 16 candles on my birthday cake. We enjoy fighting with snowballs in winter. have it both ways - have two opposite things at the same time. People will probably use bikes and small electric cars. better, more challenging, more interesting. They are going to enjoy a city stay in a four-star hotel and visit the city with the help of a tour guide. They will have zero emissions, they will use high technology to help drivers, will warn of a possible collision with an animal or a pedestrian and will offer 360° vision thanks to incorporated cameras and a panoramic windscreen. Television: most teenagers watch television, but usually there are points in the year where they watch more than average.